Articles by Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University and an author of 30 book ranging from engineering to poetry. He is also an ordained clergyman.

U.S. foreign policy and the end of the 'United' States

The ???Perfect Storm??? brewing in the Middle East is not, and will not be limited to the Middle East.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem February 2, 2015

What happened on the Syrian Golan?

What does it mean? And for whom?

Mordechai Ben-Menachem January 21, 2015

A bad solution to the wrong problem

The Obama Administration's response to the synagogue attack in Jerusalem goes beyond moral equivalence, into...

Mordechai Ben-Menachem November 19, 2014

Friends and fiends in battle, Part 2

Unanswered questions remain about Hamas' use of U.N. facilities to launch rockets during the last Gaza war.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem November 13, 2014

Friends and fiends in battle

From cradle-to-grave, and most notably in the school system, Palestinians are indoctrinated to hate Jews and...

Mordechai Ben-Menachem November 12, 2014

The hard-up battle

The Obama Administration's immature behavior toward Israel literally adds insult to injury.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem October 30, 2014

The 'Heads up' battlefield

There is a disturbing affinity between drug cartels and terrorists, including a shared enthusiasm for tunnels.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem October 28, 2014

The Long War

There are far older and more influential conflicts in the Middle East than the one between Israelis and...

Mordechai Ben-Menachem October 27, 2014

The Real Forever War: the Fox and the Heron

The enemies of civilization patiently create the conditions necessary for victory.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem October 6, 2014

ISIS and the Real Forever War

The war against "Islamic State" will fail just as the war against al Qaeda failed, because those perpetrating...

Mordechai Ben-Menachem September 22, 2014

The real Forever War, Part 9

Genocides are always local; until they become global.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem August 22, 2014

The real Forever War, Part 8

Hamas has a penchant for building well-hidden attack tunnels that lead to very soft targets.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem August 19, 2014

The real Forever War, Part 7

These are NOT ???terrorist organisations???. This is a Jihad army; a Hydra with many heads.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem August 13, 2014

The real Forever War, Part 6

Men of the West, would you put your wives and children in harm's way, to give yourself maximum protection?

Mordechai Ben-Menachem August 11, 2014