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Mr. Franc, who has held a number of positions on Capitol Hill, is vice president of Government Relations at The Heritage Foundation. To send a question or comment to Mike Franc, email him at:

Obama's Class Warfare Will Turn on the Voters He Claims to Help

mfranc March 17, 2008

The Reid Doctrine

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-...

mfranc February 18, 2008

Fiscal Action Now

Entitlement programs are running our economy dry.

mfranc February 8, 2008

The Other State of the Union

President Bush's speech didn't say it all.

mfranc February 5, 2008

Stimulus Plan Needs to be Long Term

Beware of Washington's current hyperventilation over a "stimulus" package.

mfranc January 25, 2008

Economic Growth the Right Way

Smart, conservative ways to grow the American economy.

mfranc January 18, 2008

Earmarks Still A Problem

Getting rid of earmarks is no easy process.

mfranc January 4, 2008

The Bill Lawmakers Didn't Have Time to Read

Without sufficient time to read the 3,000 plus page omnibus bill, lawmakers could not make educated...

mfranc December 21, 2007

Budgetary Showdown: Conservatives Should Trust but Verify

The budgetary showdown between President Bush and the Democratic Congress has entered its final, chaotic...

mfranc December 14, 2007

Democrat Tax Alternatives Could Distance Them from Blue State Voters

Democrats differ from Republicans on tax reform but putting the tax burden on the wealthy might alienate many...

mfranc November 30, 2007

The Reality of Thanksgiving

Connecting Plymouth Rock and the Pigrims to the Senate Budget Committee and the Farm Bill

mfranc November 16, 2007

SCHIP's Path for Illegal Immigrants

SCHIP has many downfalls and this is just one more

mfranc November 9, 2007

U.S. Tax Code Hampers Competitiveness

In July, the Treasury Department released a study cataloguing the ways our deplorable tax code restricts U.S....

mfranc November 2, 2007

Will Congress Permanantly Close Scary Intelligence Gap?

Fiddling with FISA House bill could bar use of a bin Laden intercept.

mfranc October 26, 2007