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Mr. Tremoglie is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Insight magazine, and Front Page magazine among others. He is the former Vice President of the Pennsylvania Association of Scholars, a member of ISI, and a member of the American Society of Criminology.

The Legacy of the U.S. Soldier in Iraq

John Kulick served to ensure others will live free

ttremoglie November 11, 2005

Vietnam Vets File Lawsuit Against John Kerry

The former presidential candidate who, during his election campaign, proudly contrasted his military service...

ttremoglie October 12, 2005

Debunking Liberal Myths About Timothy McVeigh and Profiling

An Amnesty International report stated: “When law enforcement officials focus on what people look like,...

ttremoglie August 12, 2005

America Was Always the Best Hope for Peace

Remembering the coming 60th anniversary of Hiroshima

ttremoglie August 2, 2005

Marcusian Philadelphia

Whites do not suffer from racism because they are white?

ttremoglie July 12, 2005

America Needs Conservatives to Make Inroads into Pop Culture

What an Independence Day holiday. I attended three free concerts on three different days that – if I...

ttremoglie July 8, 2005

The Left's Eugene Debs Syndrome

Libs' canard: military is made up of poor, dumb, Southerners

ttremoglie June 7, 2005


A look at the campaign to remove religion from American society

ttremoglie January 14, 2005

Making God Unconstitutional

Where a perverted reading of the First Amendment has taken us

ttremoglie December 30, 2004

Ask the 'Dominoes' about Kerry's Atrocities Charge

Former Vietnamese refugees defend the honor of American vets

ttremoglie September 21, 2004

Woodstock's Symbolic Irony: Peace, Love, and Cash

35 Years Later: the 'Vets' supporting Kerry are Woodstock Vets

ttremoglie August 24, 2004

Ron Reagan Jr. -- Ignorant or Lying

Reporting like Ron Reagan's is why MSNBC has so few viewers

ttremoglie July 27, 2004

Fahrenheit 9-11, So What?

Moore could have mailed in this script

ttremoglie June 29, 2004

Omnia relinquit servare Republicam

A man deserving the motto of Cincinnatus -- he gave everything to the Republic.

ttremoglie May 4, 2004