Muhammad Goes to College

We all knew that colleges were liberally biased, but we didn’t know they supported Islamist extremists?...

michaellewis February 17, 2006

Democrats Promote Flat Tax

It’s that time of year again. Everyone who pays taxes is rummaging through shoe boxes and file cabinets...

michaellewis February 17, 2006

CPAC '06: Minorities Come Out in Force

Why I'm proud to be a conservative with disability

michaellewis February 13, 2006

Earmark Reform Picks Up Momentum

Talk at CPAC is positive about reform ideas

michaellewis February 10, 2006

John Bolton's Bold Agenda Doesn't Win Him Many Friends

After several months on the job, United Nations Ambassador John Bolton’s reformist personality still...

michaellewis February 3, 2006

Competing Earmark Reform Plans Emerge in Senate

In his State of the Union address this week, President Bush pledged support for earmark reform in the budget...

michaellewis February 3, 2006

Wake Up, Democrats -- It's '06, Not '68

President Bush’s 2006 State of the Union address gave the nation quite an insight into the state of...

michaellewis February 1, 2006

The Agenda: Conservatives Want Promises Fulfilled

Many election-year themes have been shoved aside

michaellewis January 31, 2006

Pro-Choice Is a Lie: Babies Never Choose to Die

Crazed feminists comprise the Death Squad

michaellewis January 25, 2006

March for Life Kicks Off Tomorrow

Scores of young pro-life activist will be in Washington this weekend in honor of the 33rd Annual March for...

michaellewis January 20, 2006

Reagan's Legacy Brings Inspiration to March for Life

Ronald Reagan, perhaps the best and most beloved presidents America has ever seen, once observed that,...

michaellewis January 20, 2006

Alito Soars, Dems Stumble

Liberals embarrassed themselves last week

michaellewis January 17, 2006

Delusional Dems Dream About '06 Wins

Glass is half empty for the Democratic Party

michaellewis January 5, 2006

Alito Should Be Proud of His Convictions

If you’re an out-of-the-closet conservative looking for a lot of friends, don’t move to Chapel...

michaellewis December 28, 2005