Massachusetts Not as Blue as It Seems

Romney wins one with health insurance plan

michaellewis April 11, 2006

As Economy Roars, Dems Are in Denial

Liberals redefine middle class

michaellewis April 7, 2006

Bad Economy? Show Me Some Proof

Massachusetts Republican Andrew Card is out as White House chief of staff; Budget Director Josh Bolten is...

michaellewis March 31, 2006

RNC Hits Home Run With New Censure Ad

I hereby call for donations to the Republican National Committee so that they can air a new ad attacking...

michaellewis March 31, 2006

Radical Feminists Are Radical Nuts

Conservative political pundit Kate O'Beirne is in deep trouble with the likes of Gloria Steinem and Sen....

michaellewis March 27, 2006

Is Bush Following in Lincoln's Footsteps?

Eerie parallels between Lincoln, Bush are not small

michaellewis March 24, 2006

French Work Less, Still Whining Mess

Wonder why Europe's economic growth is stagnant?

michaellewis March 22, 2006

U.N. Needs to Examine Conscience

The United Nation's member states talk a good talk when the cameras are rolling and they're talking to a...

michaellewis March 17, 2006

Democrats' New Strategy Helps GOP

Party of clowns: DeLauro, Krugman and Feingold

michaellewis March 15, 2006

Liberals Oppose Tax-Free Health Plans

Bush wants to increase HSA contribution limits

michaellewis March 13, 2006

Democrats Talk a Good Game; Have Nothing to Show for It

How laughable it is to see Democrats jump on the “tough on national security” bandwagon in time...

michaellewis March 11, 2006

Democrats Play Port Politics

It's a bad deal, but liberals attack for wrong reasons

michaellewis March 6, 2006

Why Socialized Medicine Does Not Work

Contrary to the findings of socialist economist Paul Krugman, the New York Times reported Monday that...

michaellewis February 22, 2006

Patriot Act in Vogue Again for Democrats

Maybe Democrats are finally getting brains, or they are attempting to appear “tough on national...

michaellewis February 17, 2006

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