Never, Ever Trust the New York Times

Even in good times the Old Gray Lady is miserable ABC Labels Food Police a 'Consumer Group'

michaellewis June 15, 2006

There's Nothing Hateful About Protecting Marriage

Senate's marriage amendment is what voters want

michaellewis June 7, 2006

'Da Vinci Code' Isn't Worth the Fight

Religious leaders seem to have lost common sense

michaellewis June 1, 2006

Georgetown Disses Ex-Pentagon Faculty Member

Uh-oh.  It looks like a brawl over at Georgetown University.  Never mind, they just hired...

michaellewis May 29, 2006

Democrats Rehash Wiretapping Lies to Hurt Hayden, Bush

Everyone's entitled to own opinion, but not own facts

michaellewis May 23, 2006

Congress Wastes Away America's Money

It is never enough for politicians in Washington

michaellewis May 16, 2006

Senate's 'Health Week' Gives Greedy Trial Lawyers the Jitters

Democrats do the bidding of super-rich lawyers

michaellewis May 11, 2006

Romney Care Is a Sham

Conservatives were betrayed by Mass. governor

michaellewis May 9, 2006

Why Haven't Feminists Praised Progress of Iraqi Women?

Eleanor Smeal, 'feminist majority' are notably absentCarrie Lukas: Feminist Slayer

michaellewis May 5, 2006

Gas Would Be Cheap If We Didn't Have Democrats

If there's one party to blame, look to the left

michaellewis May 1, 2006

Congress Has Six Short Weeks to Help America's Working Families

Seven big goals for Republicans tackle

michaellewis April 26, 2006

Budget Refom Benefits War on Terror

Out-of-control entitlements threaten America's safety

michaellewis April 21, 2006

Amtrak: A Harmful Government Program?

A short trip became a day-long nightmare

michaellewis April 20, 2006

College: An Eye-Opening Experience

As a Catholic, I've learned to stand my ground

michaellewis April 20, 2006