For Pro-Lifers, Brownback Is the Clear Choice

This past weekend marked the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decree that authorized the...

michaellewis January 23, 2007

Why Do Liberals Hate the U.S. Military?

Protest at new recruiting office in Chapel Hill, N.C.

michaellewis November 27, 2006

Pork, Entitlements Killed the GOP

Big-government agenda was the party's downfall

michaellewis November 21, 2006

The Duke 'Rape' Case in Black and White

How a Democrat district attorney is dividing Durham

michaellewis October 19, 2006

America Is Not the Bad Guy in This Fight

Giving up liberties for fear of offending Islamofascists

michaellewis September 29, 2006

Midterm Elections Determine Our Future

A vote for GOP means you learned from 9/11

michaellewis September 15, 2006

Joe Wilson's 15 Minutes of Fame Are Up

Sad part is that it took so long for truth to come out

michaellewis September 1, 2006

Solid Job Figures Give Bush a Boost

Unemployment dipped slightly to 4.6% in August

michaellewis September 1, 2006

Dems Triumphant Over Plan B 'Success'

Pro-lifers vow retribution in wake of FDA decisionBush Backs OTC Sale of Abortion Drug

michaellewis August 28, 2006

No Rationale Behind Democrats' Rhetoric

Party's solution to war on terrorism is d??©tente

michaellewis August 24, 2006

What It Takes to Be a Good Democrat

Lieberman obviously wasn't extreme enough

michaellewis August 10, 2006

Liberals Blame Bush for Mideast Conflict

Democratic Party is Islamofascism's best ally

michaellewis July 19, 2006

Flag Amendment Fails, But Red America Lives On

Let's face it, blue states are waning

michaellewis July 6, 2006

NYT's Latest Conspiracy Theories

Desperate for al Qaeda to rise again?

michaellewis June 30, 2006