China Makes Real Energy Moves

Almost overnight, the U.S. and the European Union will be reduced to mere bystanders while China moves into...

meconomides August 17, 2009

Obama's Energy Radicalism

By the end of Obama’s first term, oil consumption in the United States will be up and the imported...

meconomides April 28, 2009

Russian Justice, Again

Politics and policy aside the Putinocracy's indecency towards a man should bring revolting feelings among...

meconomides February 24, 2009

Russian Energy Imperialism

Russia is using its abundant oil and gas resources to accomplish what nuclear weapons and 50 years of the...

meconomides January 12, 2009

Riots Show Europe Can't Overlook Greece

Greece has developed one of the most blatant cultures of dependency and demand for entitlements.

meconomides December 16, 2008

Putin's Energy Imperialism

The war between Russia and Georgia has some nationalist elements, some old grudges but mostly it rubs the...

meconomides August 13, 2008

The Re-Sovietization of Russian Press

To understand Russia today one needs only to look at its press.

meconomides June 17, 2008

Oil at $120: Here's Why

Oil is at $120 with no price reduction in sight because of two simple but unsavory facts.

meconomides May 7, 2008

The Powder Keg That is Venezuela

Hugo Ch??¡vez is on a free fall and the uncertain transition may not bode well for the rest of us.

meconomides April 21, 2008

Presidential Candidates Clueless on Energy

All candidates have been Gored, accepting the most outlandish and easily discountable environmental...

meconomides March 11, 2008

Russia: The Other Election

There is another election going on, for now delegated to page 17 of newspapers, or not even mentioned at all,...

meconomides February 13, 2008

Bhutto's Assassination Must Lead to War on Islamism

Pakistan has much on her shoulders.

meconomides January 2, 2008

Biofuels Balderdash

There are solutions to America’s transportation predicament but biofuels are not the answer.

meconomides December 27, 2007

Putin and Chavez with Oil at almost $100

Russia and Venezuela had a huge role in the run-up in oil prices, both of them strutting with a newly found...

meconomides December 4, 2007