Ten principles of a market-oriented health care system

What Republicans need.

Merrill Matthews January 27, 2014

Republicans get it mainly right on health care reform

People can make good choices, as long as good economic incentives are in place.

Merrill Matthews January 9, 2014

In trying to smear ALEC, Wash Po liberal gets it wrong

This is a war over ideas and policies.

Merrill Matthews December 10, 2013

High risk pools are workable alternative to costly pre-existing condition mandate

High risk pools, which charge a higher premium to those with pre-existing conditions, keep private health...

Merrill Matthews June 29, 2012

Gov. Rick Perry: The Candidate Obama Would Fear the Most

The Texas governor got the same handoff from George W. Bush as the President, and ran it into the end zone.

Merrill Matthews July 6, 2011

Poor Sebelius, So Many Mandates to Impose

When Democrats jammed through Obamacare down, they punted a lot of the important decisions, letting the HHS...

Merrill Matthews June 21, 2010

Countdown to Repealing Obamacare

States are pushing back against Washington’s takeover of the healthcare system.

Merrill Matthews May 27, 2010

Mitt Needs to Shed Romneycare Millstone

Mitt Romney needs to quit defending the Massachusetts’ healthcare reform he implemented as governor.

Merrill Matthews April 30, 2010

Is Romney's Healthcare Plan Conservative?

We don’t like the government’s micromanaging our healthcare...

Merrill Matthews December 27, 2007

One Simple Step With Big Implications

Health insurance reform is simple yet radical plan

Merrill Matthews January 24, 2007

Is Congress Going to the Dogs?

What we need are some 'Red Dog Republicans'

Merrill Matthews December 6, 2006

What If You Can't Win a Nobel Prize?

The Noble Prizes honor innovative creations Listen to streaming audio of this column | MP3

Merrill Matthews November 20, 2006

Is There a Solution to Global Warming?

And are humans really causing it? Listen to streaming audio of this column | MP3

Merrill Matthews November 13, 2006

Bad Policies Never Die; They Just Move to Harvard

Economically challenged ex-Bush aide now teaches

Merrill Matthews November 2, 2006