Keystone XL proponents to flood feds with show of support

???The time for study is over."

MD Kittle March 10, 2014

Big Labor, ???looking for revenge,??? expects to dump $300 million into 2014 elections

Big Labor pledges it will go all in, again.

MD Kittle March 6, 2014

Gov. Walker lays out 'prosperity plan' of big tax cuts

"It???s your money."

MD Kittle January 23, 2014

Fraud still a problem in extended unemployment benefit programs

Fraud and incompetence are inherent in the program.

MD Kittle January 14, 2014

Governor???s race tops Wisconsin???s 2014 what to watch political list

The campaigning in Wisconsin will be built in large part on one prevailing theme: Jobs.

MD Kittle December 30, 2013

Hillary Clinton attack machine targets Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

When the left hates you, you know you must be doing something right.

MD Kittle December 3, 2013

Happy Subsidized Thanksgiving

Taxpayers pay twice for annual feast.

MD Kittle December 2, 2013

Senator asks: Do you want this dysfunctional government taking over health care?

If the latest congressional impasse isn???t a wake-up call for American voters, nothing is.

MD Kittle October 3, 2013

WI???s Walker leads all comers in latest poll

The Republican incumbent leads every Democratic challenger in next year???s race for governor.

MD Kittle September 18, 2013

Michelle Obama to tout water in soda town

Michelle will be making her latest health pitch in a community that earns its living on the sweat of soda...

MD Kittle September 10, 2013

Sequestration so far
???ain???t so bad???

The sequester has not produced what the Obama administration predicted.

MD Kittle August 14, 2013

Conservatives to Durbin: Have you no sense of decency?

The senator is sniffing about for possible affiliations with the American Legislative Exchange Council

MD Kittle August 13, 2013

Gov???t workers rack up $29 billion in credit card charges

How much waste, fraud and abuse are they racking up?

MD Kittle June 5, 2013