Obama, Walker in war of statements over right-to-work

Scott Walker just made Wisconsin the 25th right-to-work state in the nation.

MD Kittle March 11, 2015

Democrat-led witch hunt into 'climate change deniers' picks up force

Democrats have sent out letters to free-market think tanks and energy companies asking them to turn over...

MD Kittle March 2, 2015

USPS expands its reach at private sector expense

The debt-ridden U.S. Postal Service is looking to expand its service footprint from well beyond its core...

MD Kittle February 18, 2015

Little conservative group gives up in nonprofit status battle with IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has a way of making people throw up their hands.

MD Kittle December 2, 2014

Prisoners file $1 billion in fraudulent tax returns, audit finds

Inmates and their accomplices filed $1 billion in fraudulent tax returns in 2012, a six-fold increase from...

MD Kittle November 26, 2014

Conservative groups see spike in participation in wake of Obama amnesty plan

Obama's amnesty plan is big business for conservative grassroots groups fighting the unprecedented executive...

MD Kittle November 24, 2014

Cancel the messenger: One embedded reporter???s fight for freedom of the press

Wayne Anderson, seeing the carnage unfold before him, did what any veteran embedded reporter in a war zone...

MD Kittle November 19, 2014

Voter fraud could play a huge role in narrow elections, expert says

It's voter fraud season.

MD Kittle November 3, 2014

Burke now says she was downsized by her family-owned Trek Bicycle Corp

Burke was responding to claims by multiple former Trek employees who told Wisconsin Reporter that Burke was...

MD Kittle October 31, 2014

Trek sources: Mary Burke???s family fired her for incompetence

Burke apparently was fired by her own family following steep overseas financial losses and plummeting morale...

MD Kittle October 30, 2014

FEC vice chairwoman says campaign finance should be like a box of cereal

Or a box of chocolates? You never know what you're going to get.

MD Kittle October 28, 2014

Mary Burke???s taxing resume problems

This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. MADISON, Wis. ??? Mary Burke???s resume, much like the...

MD Kittle October 27, 2014

Ready for Hillary?

???Grassroots group??? spending millions building Clinton ???16 base.

MD Kittle October 24, 2014

Message control: Dems decide who???s a reporter and who isn???t

The Democratic Party and its candidates have locked out Wisconsin Reporter ??? and plenty of other...

MD Kittle October 9, 2014