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Marybeth Hicks is the author of ???Don???t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid: Confronting the Left???s Assault on Our Families, Faith and Freedom.??? Find her on the web at

Hicks: Child raised well is notable achievement

We shouldn???t define our children by their successes, but by their virtues.

Marybeth Hicks January 30, 2013

Hicks: Abortion a big deal 40 years after Roe

Is the figurative end of a life a bigger deal than the literal end of a baby???s?

Marybeth Hicks January 24, 2013

Stand with Hobby Lobby for religious liberty

If you rely on the mainstream media, you probably don???t know that last Saturday was organized as a day of...

Marybeth Hicks January 9, 2013

With right to work, hell freezes over in Michigan

Op-ed: When the state no longer requires unionization for employment and no longer permits withholding of...

Marybeth Hicks December 12, 2012

Civic illiteracy won the White House for Obama

On Wednesday after the election, I began a weeklong home improvement bender, drowning my sorrows in a...

Marybeth Hicks November 13, 2012

Unmusical pro-Obama ditty is seriously laughable

This agitprop is so bad I thought it was political satire. It didn???t seem possible that anyone would...

Marybeth Hicks November 1, 2012

LSU grabs Tiger by tail in altering 'Posse' picture

Op-ed: An interesting issue has risen out of Baton Rouge, La., thanks to a snafu involving the university???s...

Marybeth Hicks October 24, 2012

Philadelphia teacher turned citizen mission into a joke

Since when is wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt to class considered akin to wearing a KKK outfit?

Marybeth Hicks October 10, 2012

Look out for eroding of parental authority

Op-ed: In Rhode Island, the Cranston school district announced it was banning father-daughter and mother-son...

Marybeth Hicks September 26, 2012

Academic liberalism replaced with leftism

Op-ed: The school year has just begun, but already the subtle and not-so-subtle leftism of American colleges...

Marybeth Hicks September 21, 2012

Chicago teacher strike is not for the children

Op-ed: It???s all too clear that for the Chicago Teachers Union, students and their families are about as...

Marybeth Hicks September 12, 2012

Given a fighting chance, little Pearl thrives

Op-ed: Ruth and Eric Brown didn't expect anything to be wrong. At 20 weeks pregnant, Ruth had no indications...

Marybeth Hicks September 5, 2012

CodePink won???t make me blush or see red

Opd-ed: Members of the radical feminist group CodePink are making a strong statement for women (or is that...

Marybeth Hicks August 29, 2012

Selfish Akin bringing GOP down with him

Op-ed: Will Todd Akin turn out to be a selfless statesman who seeks to promote conservative, pro-life ideals,...

Marybeth Hicks August 22, 2012