George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street

Anti-American sugar daddy to the Left and the radical Alliance for Global Justice make perfect bedfellows.

Matthew Vadum October 21, 2011

How Obama and ACORN are Sabotaging America

America's Community Organizer-in-Chief used to, and continues to collaborate with, ACORN--the nation's best...

Matthew Vadum June 9, 2011

ACORN Sprouting Fresh Branches

The radical 'reform' movement is back in business after bankruptcy, tormenting Walmart and shaking down...

Matthew Vadum February 10, 2011

ACORN's October Surprise

ACORN is still alive and registering voters.

Matthew Vadum October 26, 2010

ACORN Playing Rebranding Game

ACORN’s April Fool’s joke.

Matthew Vadum April 2, 2010

Left-Wing Radicalism in the Church: CCHD and ACORN

CCHD and ACORN share a left-wing ideology that puts a premium on aggressive community organizing.

Matthew Vadum October 26, 2009

ACORN and Obama Play Americans For Fools

In late 2007 Obama bragged to a meeting of ACORN leaders about how important ACORN was to him.

Matthew Vadum October 2, 2009

The Left Isn't Letting These Shootings Go to Waste

Many American liberals don’t seem to understand that failing to agree with them is not treason.

Matthew Vadum June 30, 2009

RICO Probe of ACORN Needed Now

A federal racketeering probe into the activities of ACORN is even more urgent after the recent filing of...

Matthew Vadum May 25, 2009

Terrorist-Supporting Venezuelan Strongman Has Famous Allies

Marxist Hugo Chavez calls on friends in America.

Matthew Vadum March 19, 2008

Leftists in Search of Permanent Democrat Majority

George Soros' Democracy Alliance caters to liberals

Matthew Vadum January 17, 2007

Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes Twisted Definition of 'Hate'

American race relations getting worse, group says

Matthew Vadum December 11, 2006

Slapping Lynne Stewart on the Wrist

Democrat judge goes easy on terrorist enabler

Matthew Vadum October 23, 2006

The Terrorists' Legal Team

Center for Constitutional Rights undermines America

Matthew Vadum October 3, 2006