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Mr. Towery served as the chairman of former Speaker Newt Gingrich's political organization from 1992 until Gingrich left Congress. He is a former Georgia state representative, the author of several books and currently heads the polling and political information firm InsiderAdvantage.

It is time for Republicans to step up to the plate

It is time for Newt Gingrich to lend his mind to the next likely Republican nominee for president -- Mitt...

mtowery1 March 29, 2012

It's Beck's Rally, but Hannity's War

Collective voices are gaining momentum in the conservative movement. Praise goes out to Sean Hannity, Glen...

mtowery1 September 2, 2010

America Free Falling

Political animosity is directed at Democrats, and at the same time Republicans. Hidden fees and costs in...

mtowery1 August 13, 2010

Gingrich Presidential Run Might Make More Sense than Some Pundits Think

A Gingrich run is more plausible than many think. Depending on an assortment of factors, it could just work...

mtowery1 July 15, 2010

Obama Making Carter Years look Like Paradise

Obama appears headstrong in his determination to show the nation what a disastrous presidency looks like.

mtowery1 July 8, 2010

Americans' Opinion of Obama's "Change" Promise Is Itself Changing

If the MSNBC crowd calls a Democratic president's speech ineffective, there must be plenty of dejection and...

mtowery1 June 17, 2010

Same Pundits, Same Hypocrisy

Does it really matter what the Washington pundits say? Yes and no.

mtowery1 June 3, 2010

What Are the Democrats Smoking? Now a Value-Added Tax

Not only is the president talking a VAT, but Henry Waxman is saying that now is the perfect time to consider...

mtowery1 April 23, 2010

America's Work Ethic Going the Way of France

With so many people unemployed and needing a job, I can't help but wonder: Why are so many employed friends...

mtowery1 April 8, 2010

Catholic Church Needs To "Redshirt" Priests

No amount of public relations could possibly solve the controversy surrounding Catholicism at this moment.

mtowery1 April 1, 2010

The Real Issue That Can Turn Congress Upside Down in November

That's right, the Democrats did pass a health care bill that a plurality of Americans opposed. And it is in...

mtowery1 March 25, 2010

Obama Approval Ratings Ready for a Dive

If you like red meat, then this column might not have enough blood in it for your taste. But if you want less...

mtowery1 December 4, 2009

Memo to President Obama: Why You Are Losing Public Support

It's easy to attack a leader. And yet President Obama says he wants input from Republicans. When I was...

mtowery1 September 10, 2009

Vulnerable Crist May Be GOP's Test Case

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Several months back, I suggested that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist was the perfect...

mtowery1 August 13, 2009