Articles by Matt Hadro

Mr. Hadro, a former Human Events intern through the National Journalism Center, is a News Analysis intern at the Media Research Center. He graduated from Christendom College in 2009 with a Bachelor???s degree in History.

Pence: Obama Oil Announcement a 'Smokescreen'

House Republicans say decision to open coastal areas to oil drilling doesn't go far enough.

Matt Hadro April 1, 2010

Heritage Foundation Hits Obama Claim

Conservative think-tank says Obama’s healthcare exchanges ignore free-market principles.

Matt Hadro April 1, 2010

Polls: Little Support for Obamacare

President’s approval rating falls to new low.

Matt Hadro March 31, 2010

McDonnell to Sign Law Protecting Virginia from Gov't Healthcare

The bill adds that no state resident shall be subject to a penalty for failing to obtain health insurance...

Matt Hadro March 24, 2010

Pro-Life Conservatives Outraged Over Stupak's Health Care Vote

Stupak's about-face on Sunday for just a piece of paper has sparked pro-life groups' outrage.

Matt Hadro March 23, 2010

Hensarling Bill Stops Bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Texas Republican would end federal conservatorship of government-sponsored mortgage broker-bankers.

Matt Hadro March 19, 2010

Call Your Congressman: Healthcare Vote This Week

Time for citizen action to stop this bill.

Matt Hadro March 16, 2010

Obama's Second Circuit Nominee Another Radical?

Judge Chatigny’s awful rulings on death penalty, pornography raise question of fitness.

Matt Hadro March 10, 2010

McConnell Responds to Obama's Call for Vote on Healthcare

Will Obama be able to force the bill through before Easter?

Matt Hadro March 4, 2010

Post-Summit Spin

Liberal media proclaim Obama the winner in the Thursday healthcare summit.

Matt Hadro March 1, 2010

Media Pre-Spins Healthcare Summit

The liberal media spared no effort to set up Obama to succeed at today’s White House summit.

Matt Hadro February 25, 2010

Breitbart Takes On The New York Times, Mainstream Media at CPAC

NYT reporter says speakers at CPAC use racial stereotypes to attract youth vote.

Matt Hadro February 24, 2010

Coulter Shines At CPAC Again

Coulter takes steady shots at Democrats.

Matt Hadro February 23, 2010

Ron Paul's CPAC Straw Poll Victory Reconsidered

Paul finished a comfortable margin ahead of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the next most popular...

Matt Hadro February 23, 2010