Cuomo reelection mired in scandal

Three polls in the governor???s race show that the voters are paying attention.

Mark Impomeni August 26, 2014

Bell making it a race in NJ senate?

Should Cory Booker, the Democratic incumbent, be worried?

Mark Impomeni August 11, 2014

NJ Republicans choose Bell to face Booker

New Jersey has not elected a Republican to the Senate since 1978.

Mark Impomeni June 4, 2014

Four Republicans vying for chance to unseat Booker

The four Republicans competing to be Booker???s opponent are a mix of fresh faces and old political hands.

Mark Impomeni May 19, 2014

Senator Booker's tales could make him vulnerable

A more difficult reelection campaign this fall than many political professionals seem to think?

Mark Impomeni April 14, 2014

Christie makes a show of signing NJ DREAM Act

If Christie hopes to govern from the White House, he will have to win over Republican primary voters first.

Mark Impomeni January 9, 2014

Christie's Hispanic outreach a national model?

In the latest election, Christie took 51% of the Hispanic vote.

Mark Impomeni December 11, 2013

De Blasio's radical agenda
for NYC

De Blasio is a self-described ???social democrat??? in the mold of Europe???s socialist parties.

Mark Impomeni November 12, 2013

Christie: Big win, big plans?

There will be plenty of opportunity for Christie to build a national network over the next year.

Mark Impomeni November 7, 2013

Booker wins Senate seat
in NJ

Defeated Republican Steve Lonegan.

Mark Impomeni October 17, 2013

All over but the shouting

How much of a sure thing is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie???s re-election?

Mark Impomeni October 14, 2013

Don???t bank on Booker

Two new polls in the New Jersey special U.S. Senate race show Cory Booker???s (D) lead over Steve Lonegan (R)...

Mark Impomeni October 7, 2013

Azeri-Israeli Air Base deal outed by US

Last month, Israeli sources confirmed that Azerbaijan agreed to buy $1.6 billion in missile defense,...

Mark Impomeni April 10, 2012

Christie calls for 10 percent tax cut, praises 'New Jersey comeback'

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie went before the state Legislature last month to present his third...

Mark Impomeni March 20, 2012