Articles by M. Stanton Evans

M. Stanton Evans, a long-time Human Events contributor, is the author of ???Blacklisted by History: the Untold Story of Sen. Joe McCarthy??? (Crown, 2007) and co-author of the soon-to-be-published ???Stalin???s Secret Agents??? (Threshold).

Cummings??? ???McCarthyism??? charge in Lerner hearing is bogus

Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-Wis) remains the target of inaccurate charges by leftward elements in Congress and the...

M. Stanton Evans April 18, 2014

GOP death wish on hold--
for now

???Comprehensive immigration reform??? is a well-known euphemism meaning amnesty for millions of illegal...

M. Stanton Evans February 19, 2014

'McCarthyism' by the numbers

McCarthy in fact tracked down a small army of Soviet sympathizers and communists.

M. Stanton Evans January 29, 2014

Is immigration reform political suicide for GOP?

Believe it or not, demographics favor Republicans.

M. Stanton Evans April 30, 2013

More lies about McCarthy

The record needs to be corrected.

M. Stanton Evans March 25, 2013

GOP: Beware the enemy within; stand for what you believe

The counsel of despair, though unjustified by the factual record, is immensely damaging in its impact, since...

M. Stanton Evans December 5, 2012

When conservatives parrot liberal lies about Joe McCarthy

With the remarkable upsurge of alternative news outlets reporting on political issues, more than a few...

M. Stanton Evans August 19, 2012

How J. Edgar Hoover Saved the Nation

Ignore the Hollywood smear campaign.

M. Stanton Evans November 29, 2011

O'Donnell is Right About First Amendment

Liberal teachings on the First Amendment are a mess of ignorance, bias and disinformation.

M. Stanton Evans October 27, 2010

GOP: Don't Whine, Rebuild

Right wing pundits and politicos moaning about this year’s election need to snap out of it and devise...

M. Stanton Evans November 25, 2008

How Liberal Media Use Polls as Weapons

Maybe the landslide polls are right, and maybe the photo-finish ones are more on target. But all of them...

M. Stanton Evans October 31, 2008

FLASHBACK: April 19, 1996The Christian History of the U.S. Constitution

Modern secular-liberal view riddled with glaring errors

M. Stanton Evans July 19, 2005

How Senate Historian Botched Data on McCarthy

M. Stanton Evans reveals how Senate historian Donald Ritchie distorted the historical record when he released...

M. Stanton Evans May 23, 2003

Senate Historian Clams Up When Queried On McCarthy

In a key step toward unravelling the secret history of the Cold War, the U.S. Senate last week released...

M. Stanton Evans May 9, 2003