The Two Sides of Islam

Islam is a religion of peace? How about intolerance toward America, Christians, and Jews...

Lynn Wooley November 30, 2010

More Corruption from Congressional Black Caucus

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson uses cronyism and racial politics to line her pockets and help family members.

Lynn Wooley October 18, 2010

Keynes is Dead; Long Live Adam Smith

President Obama’s failed economic policies prove, once again, that Keynesian theory does not work.

Lynn Wooley July 20, 2010

Anatomy of a Failed Smear Job

MSNBC tries to discredit the Tea Party.

Lynn Wooley June 23, 2010

The 14th Amendment: Rand Paul Is Right

The 14th Amendment does not require citizenship for American children born of illegal aliens.

Lynn Wooley June 7, 2010

Leonard Pitts and the Race Baiters

The liberal media keeps saying that the Tea Partiers are racist.

Lynn Wooley April 28, 2010

Democrats and Liberal Media Smear Tea Parties

The left is trying to portray the Tea Party movement as violent kooks.

Lynn Wooley April 21, 2010

Open Letter to Immigrants: Embrace Conservatism

Conservatism creates prosperity for everyone through individual freedom and responsibility.

Lynn Wooley April 13, 2010

Will the Real Rick and Kay Please Stand Up

Texas gubernatorial race slings mud, leaves unanswered questions for future of Lonestar State.

Lynn Wooley February 10, 2010

Fort Hood Could Be Obama's Katrina

The attitude of our Commander-in-Chief about Fort Hood and others sworn to protect us is reminiscent of what...

Lynn Wooley November 11, 2009

America Needs a Climate Change Revolt

As bad an idea as national health care may be, climate change legislation is worse.

Lynn Wooley October 5, 2009

Why They Won't Cover the ACORN Story

Wake up, MSM: the NYT may have set the agenda for generations, but now, Glenn Beck is setting it.

Lynn Wooley September 19, 2009

Living in Liberal Land USA

So what is there to agree with President Obama on?

Lynn Wooley April 21, 2009

The Global Leadership Meltdown

Putin, Chavez, and Obama may all be in the hot seat before this global financial crisis is over...

Lynn Wooley March 11, 2009