Rick Perry: 2016???s borderline candidate?

Perry is blasting Democrats and Republicans alike over Washington???s dithering on border security.

Kenric Ward February 26, 2015

Northeast corridor safe for Amtrak monopoly

A congressman???s proposal to give Amtrak some private rail competition in the congested northeast corridor...

Kenric Ward February 20, 2015

Rising tide of limited-English students swamps school budgets

Costs for schooling a surging number of limited English proficiency students are soaring.

Kenric Ward February 13, 2015

House boots McAuliffe Medicaid expansion, again

House Republicans propose boosting funding for mental health care and free clinics instead.

Kenric Ward February 9, 2015

Migrants committing more crimes at Obama???s ???discretion???

More than 1,000 illegal immigrants released under federal ???prosecutorial discretion??? went on to commit a...

Kenric Ward February 3, 2015

Controversy builds at U.S. consumer protection bureau

Costly building renovations at the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are raising more congressional...

Kenric Ward January 14, 2015

Immigration group urges Congress to join states in amnesty fight

As 25 states sue the Obama administration over the president???s controversial executive amnesty order, an...

Kenric Ward January 6, 2015

Motorist group criticizes Virginia???s ???reckless??? speeding law

Driving 20 mph over the speed limit classifies as reckless driving in Virginia law. That offense is not a...

Kenric Ward December 23, 2014

Obamacare quirk promotes migrant hiring over U.S. citizens

The ???perverse loophole??? raised the hackles of Republican lawmakers.

Kenric Ward December 4, 2014

Court ruling challenges Obama immigration action

A federal court has allowed U.S. tech workers to challenge extensions of foreign laborers??? status here.

Kenric Ward December 3, 2014

EPA boss, Dem money man meet behind closed doors

"The most influential environmentalist in American politics??? will participate in a panel discussion on...

Kenric Ward November 20, 2014

5 reasons to oppose Obama on amnesty

After six years of promises, President Obama is poised to take executive action on immigration reform as...

Kenric Ward November 18, 2014

China ???swindles??? Obama???s war on coal

China???s agreement to reduce coal emissions isn???t worth the paper it was printed on, an energy research...

Kenric Ward November 17, 2014

Mayorkas next AG? ???Same fox, different henhouse???

Is Obama considering the man who oversaw a controversial immigrant visa program at...

Kenric Ward November 5, 2014