Articles by Kris Kobach

RNC Member Mr. Kobach is Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, former Counsel and chief immigration adviser to Attorney General John Ashcroft (2001-03), and the attorney defending the cities of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and Valley Park, Missouri, against the ACLU in court. He is also Professor of Law at the University of Missouri (Kansas City).

Obama's Lawlessness on Immigration

President Obama wants to change immigration policy based on his political agenda, not what's in the law.

Kris Kobach July 7, 2010

The Need for a Strong Immigration Stand in the Republican Platform

It’s a strange election year when one of the most important issues for voters is avoided by both...

Kris Kobach September 2, 2008

Obama as C-in-C?

A sketch of what American foreign policy might look like under President Barack Obama.

Kris Kobach March 24, 2008

A Sleeper Amnesty: Time to Wake Up from the DREAM Act

Just three months after the Senate immigration bill met its well-deserved end, amnesty advocates in the U.S....

Kris Kobach September 17, 2007

A Judicial Setback for the Rule of Law

What do you get when you combine unchecked illegal immigration with judicial activism? A perfect storm for...

Kris Kobach August 6, 2007

Immigration Bill Rewards Lawbreaking

Why the Senate's DREAM Act is a nightmare

Kris Kobach August 15, 2006

Congress Needs to Authorize Military Commissions Now

Law allows trials of enemy combatants to proceed

Kris Kobach July 24, 2006

Senate Bill Creates Terrorist Loophole

Former adviser to Attorney General on immigration says some in Washington haven't learned from 9/11

Kris Kobach July 17, 2006

Courting Chaos: Senate Proposal Undermines Immigration Law

Provisions would radically alter immigration courts

Kris Kobach May 18, 2006

Breaking the Law, Breaking the Budget

Subsidizing tuition for illegals -- that's compassion?

Kris Kobach June 22, 2004