Maine Probably Will Back Obama; Romney to Speak at State Convention

What to look for in Maine.

kdalton May 2, 2008

Oklahoma Will Back John McCain; VP Cheney to Address State Convention

Coming up in Oklahoma.

kdalton May 2, 2008

Current Congress Unfriendly to Taxpayers

The Democratic-controlled House and Senate are not at all friendly toward taxpayers’ interests, a...

kdalton April 16, 2008

A Power Struggle in Homeschool Case

The court must apply the law as it is intended.

kdalton April 7, 2008

Pre- 9/11 Intelligence Problems Still Exist

A new study shows that post-9/11 intelligence reforms have not solved the problems they should have.

kdalton March 28, 2008

Pell Grant Money to Sex Offenders?

Pell Grant funds are going to involuntarily-held sex offenders once they go from prison to treatment centers,...

kdalton March 24, 2008

Surprise: The UN is Against Press Freedom

Is the UN practicing what it preaches by encouraging a free press?

kdalton March 21, 2008

California Courts Effectively Ban Home Schooling

Parental rights must prevail past this liberal agenda.

kdalton March 13, 2008

Good Morning, America Paints Gambler as the Victim

It's amazing what a "sickness" will get you these days.

kdalton March 11, 2008

America, Liberty and the 'Burden of Responsibility'

In his book, Holmes argues that America needs to make a change in order to build an international system...

kdalton March 6, 2008

Opposition to DC Hand Gun Ban Moves Forward

Fifty-five senators and 250 representatives joined Vice President Dick Cheney in filing an amicus curiae...

kdalton February 15, 2008