The narcissism of liberalism

Mirror, mirror on the Wall Street Occupiers, who, like the Left, reflect only on themselves.

J.T. Young January 21, 2012

From Budget Showdowns to Government Shutdown?

Lawmakers' next spending battle--over the specifics of cuts--may make the last look like a garden party.

J.T. Young October 14, 2011

Remembering 9/11 and Recognizing Its Message

The terrorist nightmare a decade ago seems to stand alone, yet it fits into America's unique struggle.

J.T. Young September 10, 2011

Conservatives, You Won on the Debt-Limit--Own the Victory Proudly

Spending cuts are now enshrined in the budget debate, and tax hikes fizzled, reasons for Republicans to...

J.T. Young August 17, 2011

Is Obama's Destiny FDR in Reverse?

If the economy tanks in the last four quarters before the '12 election, the President may lack the timing...

J.T. Young July 11, 2011

Reality Check: Higher Taxes Simply Won't Solve the U.S. Revenue Problem

Liberals miss the point: The segment of society that pays the lion's share of taxes isn't earning enough to...

J.T. Young June 15, 2011

Two More Years of Budget Winter--and Groundhog Day

Dems and the GOP have returned to their burrows after the last internecine spending battle. Fiery debates...

J.T. Young April 28, 2011

Polling Shows Democrats' Tough Road in 2012

For Obama to capture the White House again, Democrats must regain their numbers with liberals and moderates,...

J.T. Young March 31, 2011

Obama Budget Keeps its Eye on the Prize: Reelection

The President's spending plan has little to do with deficit reduction. It's a calculated effort to appease...

J.T. Young February 23, 2011

Twas the Night Before What?!

The politically correct night before Christmas...

J.T. Young December 24, 2010

To Be Clinton

Once Democrats saw Obama as Kennedy; today, they would settle for Clinton.

J.T. Young November 26, 2010

Budget Bloodbath

Despite anemic economy, the federal government keeps right on growing.

J.T. Young October 14, 2010

Conceding the Ideological Debate

Ideologically, the Left resembles the emperor who wore no clothes. Why is the Right so reluctant to say so?

J.T. Young September 23, 2010

America's Policy-Propelled Earthquake

The economic pressures of social policies have been building for decades.

J.T. Young September 14, 2010

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