Perry: Obama net neutrality Internet regulations are from ???era of the Great Depression???

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the latest presidential hopeful to go after President Obama on his plan to regulate...

Josh Peterson November 17, 2014

Comcast applauds Obama???s net neutrality announcement

Comcast said it applauds President Obama???s proposed net neutrality rules while disagreeing on how to...

Josh Peterson November 13, 2014

Obama calls for strict FCC net neutrality regulations while in China, Cruz likens to Obamacare

President Obama on Monday came out in full support of turning the Internet into a public utility.

Josh Peterson November 11, 2014

Not surprisingly, Americans are using cell phones to track political news

A substantial majority of Americans use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Josh Peterson November 4, 2014

Democrats continue pre-midterm push for Internet regulation

The FCC is expected to make a decision on its net neutrality rules, which received nearly 5 million public...

Josh Peterson October 23, 2014

???Excessive??? wireless taxes hurt poor families

This article originally appeared on WASHINGTON, D.C. ??? High state and local taxes on...

Josh Peterson October 10, 2014

FCC net neutrality outreach efforts raise questions of bias, says free market advocate

Free-market advocates worry their opponents are gaining an unfair advantage in shaping policy.

Josh Peterson October 6, 2014

Google???s green energy investments color Schmidt???s ALEC accusations

Are Eric Schmidt???s recent climate change statements are as altruistic as he or Google would have the public...

Josh Peterson October 2, 2014

Google keeps low profile in support of net neutrality

This article originally appeared on WASHINGTON ??? Following criticism from progressive...

Josh Peterson September 25, 2014

A vision for ???local choice??? TV still alive on Capitol Hill

This article originally appeared on WASHINGTON ??? Concerns about higher...

Josh Peterson September 18, 2014

Battle over Internet narratives at the FCC rages onward

The Federal Communications Commission received over 3 million comments regarding its authority over the...

Josh Peterson September 17, 2014

Progressives look to harness consumer hate of cable companies

Progressive activists can feel your anger towards your Internet service provider.

Josh Peterson September 12, 2014

Conservatives split over copyright law

What would the Founding Fathers have believed about copyright and whether it is protected by the Constitution...

Josh Peterson September 10, 2014

Congresswoman asks Reddit users to help her donors ???rebrand??? net neutrality

Anna Eshoo last week announced a contest seeking submissions from Reddit and YouTube users for help to...

Josh Peterson August 26, 2014