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Mr. Rehyansky is retired from the U.S. Army and the Chattanooga, Tennessee, District Attorney's office and now serves as a part-time County Magistrate. He is a former contributor to National Review, and his writings have appeared in The American Spectator and other publications.

Why No Stamp for Barry?

The centennial of the birth of five-term Senator Barry Goldwater slipped by most of us more than a year ago,...

rrehyansky March 9, 2010

Charlie Wilson: An American Schindler

Operation Cyclone enhanced the validity of the Reagan Doctrine that won the Cold War and forever crushed the...

rrehyansky February 11, 2010

Mrs. Fenton's Ordeal, and Ours

The version of health care now before the Senate will not treat our Mrs. Fentons as human beings.

rrehyansky November 16, 2009

Boycott of the Nobels for Peace

During my lifetime the awards to Linus Pauling and Martin Luther King, Jr., irritated me, but ...

rrehyansky October 12, 2009

Calibrating the President

I have a question for President Obama and Professor Gates: Who’s profiling whom?

rrehyansky August 4, 2009

A Generation Without a Moon Walk

The technology is no longer available to put a man on the moon.

rrehyansky July 20, 2009

What Cruelty In Ourselves, Mr. President?

Obama’s embarrassing performance at the D-Day commemoration.

rrehyansky June 8, 2009

Christopher Buckley Tells All... And He Ought To Be Ashamed

In the interests of full disclosure let me say that I rubbed elbows ever so slightly with Buckley fils in the...

rrehyansky May 13, 2009

Buchanan Is Wrong About Demjanjuk

Demjanjuk is not another Alfred Dreyfus, as Buchanan claims.

rrehyansky May 5, 2009

A 'Schindler's List' Reject

One survivor broke his silence after a call from Steven Spielberg.

rrehyansky April 20, 2009

G20 Demonstrators Raise Red Flag

Were those demonstrators aware of what they were promoting?

rrehyansky April 7, 2009

Give Peace, Er, Obama A Chance?

If success means ending and reversing our downward economic spiral, what will be the cost of the...

rrehyansky January 28, 2009

Barack, Hillary and the Founders

When Bill was President, Hillary acted as if she were some sort of “deputy president.” As Bill...

rrehyansky December 23, 2008

Could Obama Make Jimmy Carter Look Good?

Obama isn’t Arabic for Carter, but we may come to wish it were.

rrehyansky December 16, 2008