Global Warming Fraud?

Virginia Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli is battling University of Virginia over global-warming documents.

jdagostino June 9, 2010

Five Myths About Scott Bloch

The May 6 FBI raids on the office and home of Office of Special Counsel (OSC) Scott Bloch were the latest...

jdagostino May 21, 2008

Children of the State

Baskerville exposes the abusive power of family courts.

jdagostino March 3, 2008

Abortion Dominoes in Europe

Portugal may be about to turn back on Catholic faith and life itself

jdagostino February 22, 2007

Feminism's Triumph: Exterminating Girls

Sex-selective abortions create dearth of women

jdagostino January 22, 2007

The European Demographic Crisis

Will Pope Benedict be able to rescue Europe?

jdagostino January 16, 2007

The New Leader in Demographic Decline

South Korea's total fertility rate reaches a new low

jdagostino January 9, 2007

Two Different Abortion Pills Grow in Use

RU-486, morning-after pill are now widespread

jdagostino January 2, 2007

Environmentalism's Death Toll for 'Nature'

Environmentalists would strip us of our progress Order your copy of John Berlau's 'Eco-Freaks'

jdagostino December 22, 2006

Canada: Our Suicidal Northern Neighbor

Low birthrate means Canadians are fading out

jdagostino November 21, 2006

The Dangers of Daniel Ortega

Why would Nicaraguans vote for a former dictator?

jdagostino November 1, 2006

300 Million and Immigration: Separating the Issues

America's population hits 300 million people today

jdagostino October 17, 2006

A Cut for Population Control Money?

Congress spends over and above Bush's requests

jdagostino October 9, 2006

In Pennsylvania, Who's More Pro-Life?

There are differences between Santorum, Casey

jdagostino September 29, 2006