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John Hayward began his blogging career as a guest writer at Hot Air under the pen name "Doctor Zero," producing a collection of essays entitled Doctor Zero: Year One. He is a great admirer of free-market thinkers such as Arthur Laffer, Milton Friedman, and Thomas Sowell. He writes both political and cultural commentary, including book and movie reviews. An avid fan of horror and fantasy fiction, he has produced an e-book collection of short horror stories entitled Persistent Dread. John is a former staff writer for Human Events. He is a regular guest on the Rusty Humphries radio show, and has appeared on numerous other local and national radio programs, including G. Gordon Liddy, BattleLine, and Dennis Miller.

Rubio denounces Castro deal

"Appeasing the Castro brothers will only cause other tyrants from Caracas to Tehran to Pyongyang to see that...

John Hayward December 17, 2014

North Korea kills 'The Interview'

Chalk up another win for totalitarian evil over freedom of speech.

John Hayward December 17, 2014

Breaking news: Jeb Bush has 'decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president'

In the opening chess moves of GOP establishment kingmakers, every factor except the opinion of the...

John Hayward December 16, 2014

Taliban kills over 120 kids

The latest outrage from the vast global pack of self-styled lone-wolf clerics who somehow misread the same...

John Hayward December 16, 2014

Cromnibus fallout: GOP leaders pushing Harry Reid's talking points

Petty revenge is taken against those who tried to spoil the annual Cromnibusukahmasween spending festival.

John Hayward December 15, 2014

Hostage crisis in Sydney

The black flag of Islamist terror is raised in the hands of terrified hostages. UPDATED: terrorist...

John Hayward December 15, 2014

Farewell to the working man

Low demand for jobs contributes to our workforce death spiral at least as much as low supply.

John Hayward December 12, 2014

NOW the Dems don't mind shutdowns

The GOP leadership worked hard to set up some beautiful political opportunities for Democrats in this...

John Hayward December 12, 2014

Support for the Second Amendment hits 20-year high

The Left's attempt to erase the Second Amendment with political rhetoric has failed.

John Hayward December 11, 2014

Rape hoaxes and politicized 'justice'

The presumption of innocence dilutes collectivist power, while the presumption of guilt enhances it.

John Hayward December 11, 2014

Cromnibus: a winter festival of unrestrained spending

Enjoy your latest round of desperate last-minute must-pass emergency spending from the same arrogant elites...

John Hayward December 10, 2014

Gruber in the House

He's sorry for everything he said, although he can't recall most of the details.

John Hayward December 9, 2014

How minimum-wage increases kill both jobs and careers

In a vibrant economy, risk-taking and the pursuit of excellence are rewarded.

John Hayward December 9, 2014

CIA interrogation report published

Why are we releasing a report we know our enemies will use as a recruiting tool?

John Hayward December 8, 2014