Batchelor Responds to Steve Diamond

Did Batchelor report unfairly on Diamond’s blog and comments? Judge for yourself.

jbatchelor September 15, 2008

Obama's Plumbers

Who is obstructing records of Obama’s friendship with Bill Ayers?

jbatchelor September 12, 2008

Sarah's Detroit Democrats

The GOP has the magic when and if the hockey mom with the lipstick is let free in Michigan to bring in the...

jbatchelor September 8, 2008

The War Among the Democrats

Both camps identify four major fronts where the combat will be sophisticated, ruthless and round-the-clock.

jbatchelor April 28, 2008

The Fugitive: The Obama Files Continue

Three weeks ago an international fugitive and major member of the Antoin "Tony" Rezko crew of Chicago at the...

jbatchelor April 10, 2008

Rezko Connections: More Reasons Obama Should Worry

The unsavory tale of how a Chicago political machine works for its friends and supporters continues.

jbatchelor March 6, 2008

Rezko Connections: More Questions for Obama

Is Obama connected to a fugitive from Iraqi Justice?

jbatchelor March 3, 2008

More Details for the Obama Files

New reports from the British Press tie Obama and Auchi more closely together.

jbatchelor February 26, 2008

The Obama Files

Memo to Sen. John McCain.

jbatchelor February 25, 2008

Who Are They?

Who is Nahdmi Auchi, who according to the British newspaper TimesOnline may have lent money through a company...

jbatchelor February 20, 2008

President Mod Squad

Looking at the Obama phenomenon.

jbatchelor February 5, 2008

The ABM Vote: Anybody But McCain

Will Huckabee, Romney or Giuliani capture the ABM vote?

jbatchelor January 23, 2008

Macchiavelli NIE

In the Prince, Nicolo Macchiavelli, we are reminded by Winston Churchill, advised his master that, in...

jbatchelor December 6, 2007

Gaza's Murder Incorporated

BBC reporter apparently executed: why and by whom?

jbatchelor April 16, 2007