Passport outrage: Official who caused the crisis set to be promoted

Does President Bush want to reward the woman largely responsible for the ravaged plans of millions with a...

jmowbray June 29, 2007

Boxer Rebuffs CAIR: A Turning Point?

How many others on the left will follow suit?

jmowbray January 22, 2007

How Sandy Berger Stole State Secrets, Destroyed Evidence and Then Got Off

But don't expect mainstream media to point it out

jmowbray January 9, 2007

The Right Man for 2008?

With the implosion of George Allen, movement conservatives no longer have a candidate in the presidential mix...

jmowbray December 21, 2006

Despite Ceasefire, Hamas Keeps Firing

Qassam rockets fired at innocent Israeli civilians

jmowbray November 30, 2006

GOP's Surprise Success Stories in Ohio

Conservative Reps. Chabot, Tiberi overcome odds

jmowbray November 20, 2006

CAIR's Congressman: Will Media Care About His Troubling Ties?

Keith Ellison is Democrat frontrunner in Minnesota

jmowbray November 7, 2006

Democrats' Dilemma: Will They Embrace Candidate Backed by CAIR?

Keith Ellison could become first Muslim in Congress

jmowbray October 12, 2006

Normalcy Returns in Northern Israel

Even though they are wanted dead by their neighbors

jmowbray September 21, 2006

Keith Ellison: CAIR's House Candidate

He's running for Congress in Minnesota's 5th District

jmowbray September 12, 2006

Georgetown Professor Mentors Backer of 'Martyrdom'

Azzam Tamimi wishes he could be suicide bomber

jmowbray September 1, 2006

Thuggery and Trickery: How Islamic Terrorists Manipulate the Media

The truth can result in devastating consequences

jmowbray August 21, 2006

Media Downplay Seattle Terror Attack

Papers buried what little coverage they did offer

jmowbray August 10, 2006

Momentum Fades for Palestinian Effort to Brand Israel as Apartheid State

Early in 2006, pro-Palestinian activists around the world were downright giddy at the momentum behind their...

jmowbray July 25, 2006