U.S. Accuses Cuba of Rights Abuses

State Department cites crackdown on dissidents

bburns March 10, 2006

Is U.S. Hampering Cuban Political Rights?

U.N. report by human rights envoy expresses 'alarm'

bburns March 8, 2006

Liberal Schoolteachers Watch Out! Your Students Are Taping You

Wire service and other news reports are saying that Jay Bennish, a high school geography teacher in Aurora,...

bburns March 5, 2006

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Cubans

Says they should've been allowed to stay in U.S.

bburns March 2, 2006

Has the EPA Outlived Its Usefulness?

Private sector keeps consumers informed

bburns February 27, 2006

Why Was Cuba Left Off Bush's List of Countries Seeking Freedom?

Fla. senator wants to know why Cuba was ignored

bburns February 13, 2006

The Priorities: Fair Tax Act Needs Presidential Push

State of the Union offers unique opportunityOpening ANWR Should Be Part of Bush's Speech

bburns January 31, 2006

South America Elects Another Leftist

Michelle Bachelet will be Chile's new socialist leader

bburns January 17, 2006

Tancredo Takes Charge on Immigration

Getting tough with Mexico only way to solve problem

bburns January 16, 2006

Congressmen Blast Feds for Sending Migrants Back to Cuba

'Apprehension of Cuban refugees is uncalled for'

bburns January 12, 2006

Newly Released Movie Pins Blame on Castro for JFK's Assassination

Another theory has arisen on to the death of America’s 35th President John F. Kennedy. A newly released...

bburns January 10, 2006

Castro Embraces 'Brother Evo' Morales

Cuba welcomes Bolivia's president-elect

bburns January 3, 2006

Castro Government Wants to Kill Cuban Adjustment Act

U.S. should ignore Cuba dictator's demands

bburns December 30, 2005

Bolivia's President-Elect Plans Cuba Trip

The start of a Castro-Morales left-wing affair?

bburns December 29, 2005