Digging Out from Washington Snow Jobs

Even the First Groundhog couldn't compete with Obama, who came out, saw his shadow, and proclaimed 6 more...

Jim Bohannon February 16, 2010

Doing the Double-Nickel

I grew up in a macho society which taught me that there wasn't a hurt which couldn't be fixed by rubbing dirt...

Jim Bohannon June 25, 2009

Paranoid by Political Correctness

I'm glad John Wayne didn't live to see us men now.

Jim Bohannon June 23, 2009

Headlines We Don't Want to See

But probably will, if the Obamessiah keeps on truckin’.

Jim Bohannon May 6, 2009


And now the Teleprompter of the United States...

Jim Bohannon April 2, 2009

Goodbye Paul

We all worshiped Paul Harvey. We all wanted to sound that good and write that well -- and we all knew we...

Jim Bohannon March 2, 2009

Ghouls, Goblins, and Nancy

A Halloween nightmare election (featuring a cartoon by Brett Noel).

Jim Bohannon October 31, 2008

Dear Joe: Here's How to Beat Sarah

Some friendly advice on how to handle the coming debate...

Jim Bohannon September 18, 2008

A Democratic Convention Plan

We're almost ready for the great event, and I, for one, have a few thoughts on how the Democratic National...

Jim Bohannon August 14, 2008

Rush to Judgement

Are we ever gonna get Rush Limbaugh right? It certainly hasn't been an easy task over the years.

Jim Bohannon July 31, 2008

What Does Hillary Want?

The many options for the former First Lady.

Jim Bohannon June 16, 2008

Misery Loves Company

Jimmy Carter, Osama bin Laden and modern culture.

Jim Bohannon April 30, 2008

The Latest From the Campaign Trail

The Obama campaign has now been endorsed by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer...

Jim Bohannon April 1, 2008

The Bataan Death March

Whoa! Cool down folks! This campaign season is getting snippier than a moyle convention.

Jim Bohannon January 21, 2008