What is it about Carson that puts him atop the polls?

Carson has also become popular because he is relatable--an accomplished man, who rose from real poverty.

Jamie Hope October 5, 2014

Sousa IV: Carson supports gun rights

The marching music scion has committed himself and his family name to the cause of putting Carson in the...

Jamie Hope September 1, 2014

Marine veteran tossed out of Six Flags for pro-gun tee-shirt

Six Flags tells New Jersey Marine veteran his Marine Reconnaissance Foundation tee-shirt is too offensive for...

Jamie Hope August 17, 2014

Compared to Clinton, Carson is the true champion of women

Unlike the experiences of Ben Carson, the former first lady's charmed life makes her a stranger to the...

Jamie Hope August 10, 2014

Why Israel has the right to defend itself

Check out this quick primer of facts you will not hear in the mainstream media.

Jamie Hope July 27, 2014

Poll: Carson beats Cruz v. Clinton

Pitted against the former secretary of state Hillary R. Clinton, Carson bests other GOP White House hopefuls.

Jamie Hope July 17, 2014

Will Doctor Carson go to Washington?

Voters are warming to the idea of the neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins University Medical School driving an...

Jamie Hope June 29, 2014

Traditional values are the 'New Feminism'

Gender politics is finally turning the corner on man-hating.

Jamie Hope June 1, 2014

Hey, Alec? What's in your wallet?

The hard-luck celebrity was arrested for being without an ID in Manhattan--even though liberals tell us...

Jamie Hope May 18, 2014

Why is Israel spying on us?

Israel was a close ally, so now why doesn't it trust us anymore.

Jamie Hope May 8, 2014

Obama???s foreign policy: Give to the rich, leave the poor raped, imprisoned

The man, who promised to restore America's reputation, has spent the last five years shredding it.

Jamie Hope May 8, 2014