No money, no problem for Ohio Obamacare expansion

Ohio???s Obamacare Medicaid expansion will continue until at least July, despite burning through $2.56...

Jason Hart March 9, 2015

Why do unions hate right-to-work?

Wonder no more.

Jason Hart March 4, 2015

Unions throw millions at data firm accused of breaking election law

Labor unions have paid Catalist, a consulting firm accused of illegal coordination with hundreds of...

Jason Hart February 25, 2015

Ohio Obamacare expansion 33 percent over budget in first year

Gov. John Kasich???s Obamacare expansion took effect in January 2014, and it has been over budget ever since.

Jason Hart February 23, 2015

Child miners? More union propaganda against right-to-work

Union coalition AFL-CIO is framing labor reforms in West Virginia and Missouri as attacks on workers???...

Jason Hart February 10, 2015

Does this teachers??? union want boys in girls??? restrooms?

The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed a transgender advocacy campaign.

Jason Hart February 4, 2015

Ohio???s Obamacare expansion has already cost over $2 billion

The Obamacare money appropriated to pay for program benefits will be exhausted months early.

Jason Hart January 30, 2015

Machinists dues fund hefty union boss salaries, lefty politics

Workers fund generous officer pay and left-wing politics, the union???s latest report to the U.S. Department...

Jason Hart January 29, 2015

U.S. union membership rate declined in 2014

Union bosses??? role in private industry in the United States has been declining for years.

Jason Hart January 26, 2015

Right-to-work is wrong for union bosses

When labor unions insist right-to-work laws are ???wrong,??? what they really mean is right-to-work laws are...

Jason Hart January 22, 2015

American migration to right-to-work states continued in 2014

Labor bosses portray states where right-to-work laws make union dues optional as impoverished wastelands, but...

Jason Hart January 21, 2015

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders reminds America ???progressive??? means ???socialist???

In a Dec. 29 Huffington Post op-ed.

Jason Hart January 8, 2015

November votes for Ohio Gov. Kasich dropped in 23 counties

Ohio Gov. John Kasich trounced a disastrous Democrat for his November re-election win, but in 23 of 88...

Jason Hart January 5, 2015

Here???s what $18 trillion in national debt looks like

Warning: Graphic content.

Jason Hart December 4, 2014