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Jessica Peck Corry ( is a policy analyst with the Independence Institute in Golden, Colo., where she specializes in land use, higher education, and civil rights policy."

Canada's Health Care 'Refugees'

Canadians can be transported to the U.S. for timely care at cost savings up to 80 percent.

jpcorry October 1, 2009

Harvard's Sad Censorship Campaign

When it comes to free speech, Harvard earns an "F."

jpcorry August 27, 2009

Dems Separated By Cow Emissions

Washington is now going after methane hard.

jpcorry June 24, 2009

A Brief Victory For Political Free Speech

A new ruling lets community groups speak freely about candidates and issues without being caught in red...

jpcorry June 8, 2009

The $700,000 University Gig

State funded universities have to stop overpaying top execs.

jpcorry March 11, 2009

21st Century Tea Party Goes Digital

A reinvented "Tea Party" swept across the nation Friday...

jpcorry March 3, 2009

Obama Signs Spending Plan in Denver

How much change do we believe in now?

jpcorry February 18, 2009

Pelosi in Denver: Sing It Nancy, Sing It

There was not a single reference to the Democrats' comprehensive economic plan -- presumably because it...

jpcorry August 26, 2008

DNCC Gets Caught in Green Energy Scam

For an East Coast liberal hoping to make it to Denver for next month's Democratic National Convention, air or...

jpcorry July 28, 2008

Hippies, Inc. at the Gypsy House Cafe

The Recreate ’68 Latte-Lite Plotters.

jpcorry May 9, 2008

The Left's Gender Wage Lies

Next Tuesday feminists will stomp to state capitols across the nation to proclaim the falsehood of the...

jpcorry April 18, 2008

Satirical Words are 'Violence' in Colorado

Colorado College feminists couldn't handle a humorous flyer so the school punished the men responsible.

jpcorry April 10, 2008

The Clinton Credit Crisis

Hillary promises a lot but she can't even pay her own bills, let alone fund America.

jpcorry April 3, 2008

What We Can Learn From Pamela Anderson

Anderson has offered her endorsement of Barack Obama -- while it's easy to dismiss Anderson's political...

jpcorry March 26, 2008