“I’m from the government and I’m here to help”: Supply chain problems need less government, not more, to solve

During the latter part of the 20th Century, Americans became accustomed to hearing stories of shortages of...

Jeff Webb October 15, 2021

Companies Beware: Adopting a “Woke Culture” Hurts Diversity and Inclusion.

Wokeness creates a culture of uniformity and exclusion over one of diversity and inclusion.

Jeff Webb September 17, 2021

Afghanistan or Joe Biden: Which Is the Faster Fall?

While the disadvantages of aging are often lamented and discussed, there are a few perks. One of which is...

Jeff Webb August 18, 2021

Independence Day 2021: A Time To Fight for the Rights of Independent Businesses.

America's future prosperity depends on thriving small businesses.

Jeff Webb July 4, 2021

“The Buck Stops Where?”

Biden presidency calls into question just who is responsible for what.

Jeff Webb May 16, 2021

Note to Employers: Beware of Letting Pandemic Workforce Necessities Become Permanent.

We are in danger of confusing short-term adaptability with long-term desirability.

Jeff Webb April 29, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: Joe Biden Clearly Isn’t Running the Show.

After Thursday’s presser, Biden’s staff owes American citizens some real answers.

Jeff Webb March 27, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: What Gives Representative Khanna the Right To Decide What Businesses Succeed or Fail?

Meet a Stanford economics professor who would fail his own course.

Jeff Webb February 24, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: What’s Needed in the Fight Against Big Tech Are Random Acts of Federalism.

Governor DeSantis takes the state's rights approach to combat Silicon Valley.

Jeff Webb February 5, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: Stepping Into a New Role in the Most Challenging of Times.

The challenge of moving forward after January 6th.

Jeff Webb January 22, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: 'Obamagate' Reveals Republican Leadership Was Missing in Action.

GOP Senators need to remember who their bosses are—and start letting subpoenas fly.

Jeff Webb May 13, 2020