Gruesome Artifacts on Display at New Iraqi Museum

New Iraqi museum to stand as reminder of Saddam's decades of brutality...

jemanuel January 5, 2009

Israel's Land Giveaway

With the high court's ruling, Olmert’s lame duck admin. has free rein to continue his indirect...

jemanuel December 15, 2008

Paul Kanjorski's Dilemma

Has Democrat Congressman Paul Kanjorski talked his way out of a safe seat and into a competitive race this...

jemanuel July 2, 2008

The Wrath of Khan

New evidence suggests the A.Q. Khan nuclear black market sold weapon designs as well as technology.

jemanuel June 20, 2008

Updating the GI Bill

Since World War 2, the “GI Bill” has enabled hundreds of thousands of veterans (and some active...

jemanuel June 2, 2008

Mahdi Army Buckles in Sadr City

Offers cease-fire and unfettered access to Iraqi government...

jemanuel May 12, 2008

SCHIP Expansion: Congressional Majority Surrenders Completely

Congressional Democrats’ cave-in on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) last week...

jemanuel December 26, 2007

California Health Insurance Plan a Bad Idea

Schwarzenegger and Nunez approved a healthcare plan that will cause more problems that it solves.

jemanuel December 20, 2007

The 'Concerned Local Citizens' Program Grows into a Bona-Fide Phenomenon

Iraqi citizens take things into their own hands.

jemanuel December 18, 2007

'Occupation' and Defensibility

President Bush uses the stage at Annapolis to side with Israel’s enemies in his Quixotic quest for...

jemanuel November 28, 2007

Bush and Rice: Palestinian Peace Plan

It’s legacy time again: George...

jemanuel October 29, 2007

The Situation in Iraq is Complicated

The situation in Iraq, rather than being black-and-white and easily explainable, is a million different...

jemanuel October 26, 2007

Iraq War Veteran Sending His Medals to Rumsfeld Out of Protest

War veteran's actions are not the "big deal" he and the media are making them out to be for several...

jemanuel October 1, 2007

Iraqi National Police Break Up al-Qaeda Rape, Terror Cell in Samarra

Like their hardline Islamist brethren in other nations -- such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the Islamic...

jemanuel September 20, 2007