Unions, GOP Senators raise alarm on Obama's amnesty power-grab

The most recent Obama abuse of immigration authority forces field officers to give a free pass to every...

James R. Edwards, Jr. August 5, 2012

Obama budget makes radical cuts in immigration enforcement

The Obama administration now wants to advance its amnesty-loving ways through its FY 2013 budget proposal.

James R. Edwards, Jr. March 16, 2012

Congress should scrap flawed federal truck safety rules

As Congress considers transportation legislation, it should use this opportunity to rein in a flawed...

James R. Edwards, Jr. March 7, 2012

Obama Slaps Intimidation Lawsuit on South Carolina Over Illegals

The move to block the state's immigration law mimics fed actions in Alabama and Arizona.

James R. Edwards, Jr. November 7, 2011

Obama's Backdoor Amnesty for 300,000 Immigrants

The President won't take no for an answer in new scheme to fast-track illegal aliens.

James R. Edwards, Jr. September 12, 2011

Forgive Us Our Debt Ceiling?

The so-called "Circle of Protection" claims Jesus would endanger all Americans to save its so-called "poor,"...

James R. Edwards, Jr. August 25, 2011

Senate DREAMs On

Democrats grossly underestimate the exponential scope, and cost to taxpayers, of amnesty legislation that...

James R. Edwards, Jr. July 6, 2011

High Court Upholds Arizona Legal Worker Law

A good jurisdiction call, the ruling allows the state to suspend or revoke the licenses of businesses that...

James R. Edwards, Jr. June 1, 2011

President's El Paso Immigration Pander

Obama's sound and fury amounted to the same old, same old. Oh, and in a special touch, he berated supporters...

James R. Edwards, Jr. May 12, 2011

Pending Patent Bill Puts 'Global Harmonization' Above American Innovation

Lawmakers are set to trash America's unique patent system that burgeons our economy to give a leg up to...

James R. Edwards, Jr. May 11, 2011

Liberals Resist Even Dumbed-Down Immigration Checks

Though Obama has vitiated local authorities' ability to detain and deport criminal illegal aliens, the Secure...

James R. Edwards, Jr. March 9, 2011

Immigration Lotto Lunacy

Senate and House bills would end the madness of arbitrary and random visas that are rife with fraud and a...

James R. Edwards, Jr. March 3, 2011

Prince William County Proves "Attrition Through Enforcement" Works

Adios to lawbreaking illegal aliens in Virginia.

James R. Edwards, Jr. January 6, 2011

"Compassion?" Only in Your DREAMs

A nightmare full of amnesty abuses.

James R. Edwards, Jr. December 18, 2010