Obama Goes Nuclear -- On the CIA

Obama would rather reduce the CIA to the Woody Allen of intelligence services than employ it for his own...

Jack Langer September 9, 2009

Where is the Liberal Rage?

One would expect the left to feel betrayed that their leader who promised change has embraced the very...

Jack Langer May 29, 2009

A Sincere Welcome to the G20 Protestors

No gathering of G-anything is complete without a colorful mob of professional protestors.

Jack Langer April 2, 2009

A Bad Day for a Global Warming Protest

Freezing, shivering activists demonstrate against global warming.

Jack Langer March 3, 2009

The Sensitivity Police: Where's American Multiculturalism Heading?

Philadelphia and Canada point the way...

Jack Langer July 16, 2008

A Review: Willful Blindness

Andrew C. McCarthy's new book tackles the reasoning behind why few dare question it when we kill a terrorist,...

Jack Langer April 8, 2008

Send in the Clowns: Antiwar Protestors in the Streets of DC

Dancing kids and ridiculously costumed protesters are what we have today instead of an antiwar movement.

Jack Langer March 20, 2008

Racial Separatism at Princeton

What Michelle Obama's thesis tells us about her alma mater.

Jack Langer February 29, 2008

Another Peace Process Bites the Dust

Bush’s Mideast peace scheme and Olmert’s government unravel simultaneously.

Jack Langer January 16, 2008

Saturday Antiwar Protests Fizzle

Few Die Hards at the Die-In

Jack Langer September 16, 2007


In the UN's last 'intolerance conference,' racism and anti-semitism were rampant -- now they're hosting a...

Jack Langer September 5, 2007

'Down with (some of) the Oppressors!'

Pro-Palestinian activists march on the Capitol

Jack Langer June 12, 2007

In Russia, Conspiracy Theories Become Plausible

In a famous speech to the Russian Duma delivered as Russia was being bled dry during World War I, Pavel...

Jack Langer May 22, 2007

Marx Is Dead, Long Live Marx

In France, a strange, abiding fascination with communism

Jack Langer April 11, 2007