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Mr. Kemp is founder and chairman of Kemp Partners, which has done work on behalf of corporate defendants in asbestos litigation reform. Kemp is honorary co-chairman of the Free Enterprise Fund.

Honoring Lincoln

kkemp February 3, 2009

The GOP and the black vote in '08

Watching the third debate between the Democratic candidates for president on PBS at Howard University, I was...

kkemp July 3, 2007

What Reagan Would Have Done About Foreign Policy

Last week in this space, prior to the Reagan Library debate by the GOP presidential candidates, I wrote about...

kkemp May 8, 2007

What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

As the Republican candidates all gather at the Reagan Library for their first debate of the presidential...

kkemp May 1, 2007

An Opportunity to Expand Civil Rights

The Maryland Legislature recently passed a law restoring the right to vote to all ex-offenders who have...

kkemp April 10, 2007

Shortsighted House GOP Would Deny D.C. Residents the Vote

A common expression has it that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Unfortunately, that's...

kkemp March 27, 2007

'Soft Diplomacy' Is the Best Plan

I have long proposed the idea of soft diplomacy, i.e., trade, aid, investment and empowerment strategies, as...

kkemp March 13, 2007

What Would Reagan Do? Push for Tax-Cut Permanency, Then for More Tax Cuts

This is the tenth in an occasional series of exclusive articles in which leading conservatives who worked...

kkemp February 8, 2007

Making Us All Proud

This weekend's Super Bowl is a really big deal. It gets bigger every year and this year's game between the...

kkemp January 29, 2007

Give Petraeus a Chance to Succeed in Iraq

The questions and doubts that abound over the current U.S. strategy to reinforce our mission in Iraq to help...

kkemp January 23, 2007

The President's Plan Is Our One Last Hope

I really envy Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., the incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He told...

kkemp January 9, 2007

The Legacy of Gerald Ford

Having gone to Congress in 1971, I had the high honor and pleasure of serving with Jerry Ford for the 2 1/2...

kkemp January 7, 2007

Guns, Butter and Tax Code Reform

One of this nation's premier journalists (also a friend of long standing) wrote a column last week that can...

kkemp December 18, 2006

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Jeane Kirkpatrick

I'm writing this column with a very heavy heart at the passing on the night of Dec. 7 of one of America's...

kkemp December 12, 2006

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