BREAKING: Twitter Locks White House Press Secretary's Account for Sharing Hunter Biden Report.

Twitter has locked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Twitter account for “violating our...

Ian Miles Cheong October 14, 2020

Social Media Outrage is Killing People.

When a tide of outrage drowns the truth, violence reigns.

Ian Miles Cheong October 10, 2020

Call of Duty Journalism is Redpilling Gamers.

Call of Duty's subtle criticism of communism hasn't gone unnoticed by the media.

Ian Miles Cheong September 1, 2020

The Woke Police Came for Dungeons & Dragons.

The legendary role-playing game has become “problematic.”

Ian Miles Cheong August 26, 2020

There’s Nothing Racist about Steam.

The ADL wants to gentrify gaming spaces, and they’re using shoddy research to do it.

Ian Miles Cheong May 4, 2020

OnlyFans Is A Scourge.

The intersection of big tech and pornography is an ugly place.

Ian Miles Cheong April 29, 2020

Being Asked to Wear a Face Mask isn’t Tyranny.

Americans are much freer in the time of Coronavirus than citizens of other countries.

Ian Miles Cheong April 17, 2020

President Trump: Make Workplaces Safe Again by Making Masks.

To save the American economy, we must fill the mask shortage.

Ian Miles Cheong March 26, 2020

How Propaganda Gets Transmitted from China to Leftist Influencers.

Coronavirus is not the only thing that comes from China—social justice talking points do too.

Ian Miles Cheong March 19, 2020

Gaming without Gamers Doesn’t Work.

Why social justice activism fails in gaming spaces.

Ian Miles Cheong March 10, 2020

Quantic Dream Faces the Reality of Cancel Culture.

It’s about ethics in game developer unionization.

Ian Miles Cheong March 6, 2020

Pornhub Verified Child Sex Trafficking.

This is not a site deserving of Section 230 protections.

Ian Miles Cheong March 1, 2020