NBC Shills for Castro

Exactly three weeks ago Cuba's Stalinist regime held a "tourism fair" in Havana to kick-off an...

Humberto Fontova June 13, 2007

Johnny Depp 'Digs' Che

The cover of  the current Rolling Stone magazine features mega movie star Johnny Depp hugging mega rock...

Humberto Fontova June 4, 2007

Bay of Pigs -- An Anniversary of Heroism and Shame

Armed with determination so long ago, these brave soldiers deserve honorable recognition this anniversary ...

Humberto Fontova April 18, 2007

Cuba Boots Foreign Reporters

The Castro Corporation (also known as Cuba) handed out some walking papers last month. Gary Marx of The...

Humberto Fontova March 26, 2007

Castro, Not Pinochet, Is the Real Villain

Cuban leader's widespread human-rights abusesPinochet's Legacy: A Free, Non-Communist Chile

Humberto Fontova December 21, 2006

Augusto Pinochet: The Untold Story

Irresponsible mainstream media deceive and lie

Humberto Fontova December 15, 2006

New York to Honor Castro With Statue

Cuba dictator tried to blow up the Big Apple in 1962

Humberto Fontova November 2, 2006

President Bush, I'm Glad You're No JFK

Some on right praise JFK's handling of missile crisis

Humberto Fontova October 20, 2006

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: 39 Years of Hype

Liberals embrace Cuba's cruel villain and murderer

Humberto Fontova October 6, 2006

Chavez Puts Foot in (Pro-Cuba) Mouth

In Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro has financial booster

Humberto Fontova September 25, 2006

Media Frenzy Over Bogus Cuba 'Scandal'

Cuban Americans being held to different standard

Humberto Fontova September 15, 2006

French 'Justice' vs. Cuban 'Vengeance'

Cuban-Americans refuse to cuddle up to Raul Castro

Humberto Fontova August 28, 2006

Historians Have Absolved Fidel Castro

Cuba's dictator has won his share of foreign fans

Humberto Fontova August 16, 2006

Media Embrace Military Dictatorship for Castro Succession

Communist geeks have it out with Communist hoods

Humberto Fontova August 8, 2006