Obamacare Should Copy Cuba, Says CNN

The CNN report included clips from Michael Moore's Sicko as CNN's Morgan Neill, on location in a Potemkin...

Humberto Fontova August 13, 2009

Murder Boys -- Not Flies! Says PETA

PETA has launched a vegetarian campaign using Che Guevara's 24 year old granddaughter...

Humberto Fontova June 23, 2009

Where Else Are the Castro Spies?

Last week, the FBI arrested a State Department intelligence analyst and his wife for conspiracy to commit...

Humberto Fontova June 11, 2009

Britain Welcomes Che Guevara's Daughter -- But Bans Michael Savage

Aleida Guevara will visit Home Secretary Smith's jurisdictional domain to promote her father's ideals.

Humberto Fontova May 12, 2009

Why Did Congressional Black Caucus Overlook Racism in Cuba?

Several members of U.S. Congressional Black Caucus smitten with Castro...

Humberto Fontova April 9, 2009

The New York Times and 'Book Banning'

The Times' definition of "book banning" has an excruciatingly selective application.

Humberto Fontova February 16, 2009

Chavez Decrees More Castroism -- Then Backs Off

Venezuela's dangerous descent under a corrupt leader.

Humberto Fontova June 11, 2008

Cannes Snores Through Che Biopic

How did such a dreadful bore, incurable doofus, sadist and and epic idiot attain such iconic status?

Humberto Fontova May 28, 2008

Al Jazeera Aims to Influence American Politics

The new International Division of Al-Jazeera is anything but balanced.

Humberto Fontova March 18, 2008

What's Next for Cuba? Raul

Don't be fooled -- Raul Castro has already been running Cuba for several years.

Humberto Fontova February 21, 2008

The Obama Campaign and Che Guevara

Under Che Guevara's rule "Change" indeed came to Cuba

Humberto Fontova February 18, 2008

Che Guevara and the Obama Campaign

Associating with communist murderer Che Guevara says a lot about the Obama...

Humberto Fontova February 18, 2008

Castro Health Crisis

Fidel Castro's 81st birthday passed on August 13th without an appearance by the dictator, without even a...

Humberto Fontova August 17, 2007

Moore's Pro-Castro Propaganda Hides Cuban Suffering

More misconceptions and lies from Michael Moore's "Sicko"

Humberto Fontova July 30, 2007