What Senator Leahy and the AP aren???t telling you

Sen. Patrick Leahy champions internet freedom every place on earth but Cuba. Why?

Humberto Fontova April 16, 2014

The New York Times???still shilling for communists

No surprises here.

Humberto Fontova March 31, 2014

Council on foreign relations caught lying about Cuba-North Korea arms smuggling

Revelations made (and ignored) by a UN panel last week.

Humberto Fontova March 20, 2014

Oliver Stone???s most vicious insult

Stone recently lashed back with (apparently) the most hateful insult his inflamed mind could conjure.

Humberto Fontova March 17, 2014

Oliver Stone: filmmaker to the Commies

The Hollywood director chronicles his friendship with Hugo Chavez.

Humberto Fontova March 11, 2014

'Here I come to save the day!'

Jimmy Carter invites himself to Venezuela.

Humberto Fontova March 4, 2014

Where have all the Flower Children gone?

Forget looking in the mainstream media for the nitty-gritty of this communist repression.

Humberto Fontova February 21, 2014

Venezuelans ???taking it to the streets,??? but no word from Sean Penn

What could be more fitting than murdering unarmed youngsters while worshiping Che Guevara?

Humberto Fontova February 17, 2014

Senator Tom Harkin; Once bitten, twice duped

Harkin is still banging the drums deafeningly for Obamacare from his chairman???s seat.

Humberto Fontova February 6, 2014

Fidel Castro finally appears in public

This appearance coincides with the 55 anniversary of Castro???s ???revolution.???

Humberto Fontova January 13, 2014

The Obama-Castro handshake, a confirmation

There was an excellent reason for the smile on Raul Castro???s face as he shook hands with president Obama.

Humberto Fontova December 12, 2013

Caveat on Nelson Mandela

Never a word on Cuban freedom fighters.

Humberto Fontova December 6, 2013

Duck Dynasty baffles New York

What we have here, amigos, is some serious failure to communicate.

Humberto Fontova December 5, 2013

Lara Logan came clean ??? now it's time for Dan Rather

Who???s the major fraud?

Humberto Fontova November 18, 2013