WATCH: Kassam Says America Must Be Allowed to Heal After Mueller

Global Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on the Hill.TV on Monday morning to insist that America be...

Human Events May 7, 2019

WATCH: Human Events' Chamberlain Talks Tech Bans With Tim Pool

Human Events publisher Will Chamberlain joined journalist Tim Pool to discuss the latest in tech censorship...

Human Events May 6, 2019

Google Blocks Conservative Think Tank Debate on Multiculturalism, Demands Deletion of Content.

Google has blocked a conservative think tank from advertising with the tech giant after an academic essay and...

Human Events May 6, 2019

WATCH: Actor Tom Arnold in Bizarre 'Pro-Nazi' Tirade.

Watch as the Hollywood wash up declares fealty to murderous anti-Semites over President Trump

Human Events May 5, 2019

WATCH: Kassam Talks Tech Blocks and Human Events on OANN.

Human Events Global Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam joined Jack Posobiec on One America News to discuss the...

Human Events May 4, 2019

Tories Humiliated, UKIP Underwhelm at UK Local Elections

The Conservative Party has been trounced in Britain's local elections, losing a total of 970 councillors...

Human Events May 3, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Internal Brexit Party Models Show UKIP on ZERO Seats at EuroParl Elections

Election forecasting provided to Human Events reveals the Brexit Party hopes to win up to 27 seats in the...

Human Events May 2, 2019

Kassam on Tucker: 'Some Little Nerd At Facebook Is Watching My Page' Human Events Global Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam...

Human Events May 1, 2019

Welcome Back, Mr. President. Things Have... Changed.

Human Events -- the favorite magazine of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, is under new management.

Human Events April 30, 2019

WATCH: AG Barr Outmanoeuvred Mueller

Human Events publisher Will Chamberlain spoke with One America News' Jack Posobiec about the Mueller report...

Human Events April 23, 2019

Two Thirds of Liberals Say U.S. Border is 'Crisis' or 'Serious Problem'

A poll has revealed that two in three self-identified liberals believe the U.S. border is either facing a...

Human Events April 1, 2019

VID - Kassam: Big Tech is a Monopoly That Needs Smashing

Watch Human Events’s Global Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam discuss tech censorship with Tucker Carlson on...

Human Events March 12, 2019