The Left is At War Over One Last Conservative Cultural Bastion: Gaming.

Many gamers know that that the fight to defend geek culture is another essential front in the culture war. It...

Human Events June 4, 2019

Leaving the Peach State Won’t Be so Peachy for Netflix.

As they take their financial situation into account, Netflix may want to think carefully about how serious...

Human Events June 3, 2019

Brexit Party Now Tops NATIONAL Election Poll: Prime Minister Farage?

Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party have topped a Westminster general election...

Human Events June 1, 2019

CNN Misleads About Trump's Meghan Markle Comments

Trump's comments – given Markle's historical nastiness about him – were incredibly polite and measured.

Human Events June 1, 2019

Kassam Tells Fox News: Continuity Cameron Candidate Boris Johnson is a Slippery Eel.

"Boris Johnson is a slippery eel," Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events Raheem Kassam told Charles Payne on...

Human Events May 28, 2019

Sundays for the Subs: Brexit Party, EuroParl Elections, and More...

Listen now to hear Will, Raheem, and Ian discuss and take your comments and questions on that and a bunch of...

Human Events May 27, 2019

Trump Puts British Intel Under Spotlight: 'I Hope [Barr] Looks at the UK... I May Talk to PM...'

"It was an attempted coup or an attempted take down of the President of the United States. It should never...

Human Events May 24, 2019

Nigel Roars Back: Human Events Endorses Brexit Party.

Without Farage, there is no Brexit. And without Brexit, there is no Britain.

Human Events May 22, 2019

Dunkin Donuts Refuses to Get Woke: 'We Are Not Starbucks'

Dunkin' Brand's VP of brand stewardship says "It's donuts and ice cream - just be happy."

Human Events May 21, 2019

Top Europhile Admits: We Need an EU Empire

The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator and leader of the growing Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in...

Human Events May 21, 2019

'Reaganesque': Economist Tells CNBC Trump Could Shift Global Order In China Trade War

The chief economic advisor of Allianz – one of the largest financial services companies – has told CNBC...

Human Events May 20, 2019

Al Jazeera: 'Jews Exploit Holocaust'.

A recent video promoted by the Qatari-state backed Al Jazeera network accuses Jewish people of exploiting the...

Human Events May 19, 2019

The GOP's New Gang of Eight Passes 'Hateful' Equality Act.

The Democrat-led House of Representatives passed H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act”, this afternoon by...

Human Events May 17, 2019

Kristol's 'Conservatives' Ding Human Events: 'Trumpism Is Utterly Incoherent'

Former Weekly Standard writer-turned-Bulwark blog's "editor-in-chief" Charlie Sykes took to the pages of the...

Human Events May 16, 2019