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Human Events is the oldest conservative magazine in the United States. Founded in 1944, the entity went on to become President Ronald Reagan's favorite outlet, and he credited it with helping him transition from liberalism to conservatism.

Human Events Election Day Roundup

Our contributors’ best Election Day pieces.

Human Events November 5, 2020

Qatar is Destabilizing the Middle East.

Real allies don’t fund Islamist terror while buying American influence.

Human Events December 3, 2019

Human Events Announces Changes to Leadership Team

(Washington, DC) - Today, Human Events, the flagship conservative outlet of populist and nationalist thought,...

Human Events August 8, 2019

Bannon Kicks off Border Wall Symposium in El Paso

Private citizens are building the wall on the US-Mexico border.

Human Events July 26, 2019

Establishment Journo Accosts Gorka at White House.

After the White House Social Media Summit earlier today, President Trump held an announcement about the...

Human Events July 11, 2019

Trump Announces Citizenship Question Executive Action.

President Trump is expected to announce an executive order on the citizenship question on the U.S. census...

Human Events July 11, 2019

Sundays for the Subs: Iran, UK Forced Abortions, and More...

On the latest episode of Sundays for the Subs, Will Chamberlain, Raheem Kassam, and Ian Miles Cheong...

Human Events June 25, 2019

Sundays for the Subs: Flag Burning, Iran, and More...

Will, Raheem, and Ian began by covering the recent flag burning controversy. They debated whether burning the...

Human Events June 17, 2019

Hong Kongers Deserve Better Than Dictatorial China.

One of the most poignant images of the saga so far has been the sight of an elderly Chinese woman walking...

Human Events June 13, 2019

Twitter Suspends Project Veritas for... Journalism?

Twitter has temporarily suspended Project Veritas, a nonprofit organization that uses undercover journalism...

Human Events June 12, 2019

Trump Has Higher Favorables In NY Than Bill De Blasio.

President Trump has higher favorability ratings than Mayor Bill de Blasio does in New York State, according...

Human Events June 10, 2019

Brexit Party Stalls in Peterborough Special Election

Results from the Peterborough by-election (special election) in the United Kingdom have revealed the Labour...

Human Events June 6, 2019

Kassam on Fox: Trump's Right, Sadiq's a Stone Cold Loser.

The Human Events chief gave London's Mayor both barrels.

Human Events June 4, 2019

Boris Snubs Trump: Would-Be PM Rejected Meeting U.S. President

The pair were going to hold private one-to-one talks today in London, but it is understood they had a...

Human Events June 4, 2019