Compulsory Voting is Unconstitutional

President Obama recently praised the idea of ???mandatory voting,??? saying it would be ???transformative???...

Hans von Spakovsky March 31, 2015

Silencing Conservatives - the Administration's latest attempt to censor political speech

The IRS and the Obama administration are taking steps that would thwart the First Amendment.

Hans von Spakovsky December 18, 2013

Hypocrisy on the 'Nuclear Option'

Whatever it takes, for the Democrats.

Hans von Spakovsky December 2, 2013

The Supreme Court???s latest opportunity to restore the First Amendment

The issue in McCutcheon v. FEC is the aggregate limits on contributions imposed by the Federal Election...

Hans von Spakovsky October 8, 2013

What happens during a government ???shutdown????

Crucial services will continue without interruption.

Hans von Spakovsky September 19, 2013

Former FEC chief???s harmful views on First Amendment freedom

Former FEC Commissioner Trevor Potter claims that corporations aren???t people and should not be treated as...

Hans von Spakovsky December 4, 2012

States' new version of the Alien and Sedition Acts

The attorneys general in 22 states are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to let state governments censor...

Hans von Spakovsky June 1, 2012

Free speech for me, but not for thee

Since the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, liberal media outlets have been verging on hysteria.

Hans von Spakovsky March 13, 2012

New York Times confused on campaign finance restrictions

The NYT is apoplectic over a recently filed brief that argues that the federal ban on corporate contributions...

Hans von Spakovsky January 25, 2012

Obama's Enemies List of Contractors' Donations

An Executive Order the President likely will sign amounts to a roster of government contractors who are...

Hans von Spakovsky June 30, 2011

First Amendment Wins in Arizona Campaign Finance Case

The high court axes a law that boosted the coffers of candidates using public funds at the expense of...

Hans von Spakovsky June 29, 2011

Obama Keeps Getting it Wrong on Campaign Finance

The 'special interests' that President Obama deplores are merely the citizens and associations that oppose...

Hans von Spakovsky October 5, 2010

Obama's Misleading Legalities

President Obama keeps misrepresenting the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United.

Hans von Spakovsky September 1, 2010

Democrats Propose New Campaign Finance Restrictions

Chuck Schumer and Chris Van Hollen try to undo the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United.

Hans von Spakovsky March 1, 2010