The Sixteenth Amendment Was a Mistake

The week before April 15 my latest book was published, titled ???End the IRS Before it Ends US ??? How to...

Grover Norquist May 13, 2015

The energy industry is booming - in spite of Obama

The free market, when allowed to be free, delivers.

Grover Norquist February 6, 2015

Obama loads taxes on the middle class. Again.

President Obama???s hour-long State of the Union address was a political speech cheerleading the major causes...

Grover Norquist January 30, 2015

The GOP controls the Senate: Now what?

Early in 2015 Republicans in the House and Senate will drive a national debate and actual votes in the House...

Grover Norquist December 15, 2014

The battle for the future in Wisconsin

Scott Walker is running for Governor of Wisconsin for the third time in four years.

Grover Norquist October 27, 2014

Kansas: The most important race in the country

If Sam Brownback wins in November watch for more governors who have his courage to challenge anti-reform...

Grover Norquist September 22, 2014

Republicans will recapture the U.S. Senate in November 2014

Some good news.

Grover Norquist March 31, 2014

Dave Camp tax reform combines modest tax cut with spending reduction

Dave Camp is to be commended for starting this conversation.

Grover Norquist March 4, 2014

Scott Walker responds to attacks by cutting taxes, again

These tax cuts added to the cuts in the past three years add up to $2 billion in tax relief since Governor...

Grover Norquist February 21, 2014

Was Chattanooga the Waterloo for UAW?

The failure of Detroit and the damage unions did to a once great company, General Motors, was front and...

Grover Norquist February 20, 2014

Will New York City become the next Detroit?

We have seen this movie before.

Grover Norquist January 17, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker's record puts him in the running

The remarkable achievements of a Republican in a progressive state.

Grover Norquist December 4, 2013

Tax hikes remain toxic

What we can learn from Colorado???s Amendment 66.

Grover Norquist November 19, 2013

EXCLUSIVE - Norquist: Obama 'might welcome' crisis

What did we learn from Round One?

Grover Norquist October 22, 2013