Obama: A Wasted Year on National Defense

America has wasted a full year as Obama played political games with the KSM trial and other Gitmo detainees.

gcucullu March 8, 2010

Christmas with the Troops in Germany

We want to tell these soldiers' stories because most of them will not have the opportunity to do so.

gcucullu December 28, 2009

Obama's Conflicted Strategy

Obama spoke of "targeting the insurgency" while his administration prosecutes Navy SEALs for doing just...

gcucullu December 2, 2009

Repeating History's Painful Lessons in North Korea

Obama landed in Seoul and apparently forgot all about America’s recent experiences with North Korea.

gcucullu November 27, 2009

How Many Divisions Is Diversity Worth?

Twice on cable news, Gen. Casey implied a loss of diversity in the Army is an even worse tragedy than the...

gcucullu November 20, 2009

Terrorists on Trial in NYC Is an Unacceptable Risk

Smart terrorists won't attack the trial or prison to break their buddies out. They prefer soft targets, like...

gcucullu November 16, 2009

North Korea's Atomic Full Monty

"It is unacceptable for North Korea to be a nuclear power," says Obama. Mr. President, we're past that point....

gcucullu November 12, 2009

How Far Away is Standish, Michigan?

Not far enough to put it beyond terrorist attack...

gcucullu November 2, 2009

The Case Against 'Guantanamo-North'

From all perspectives, the relocation of Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. fails the test.

gcucullu October 26, 2009

Christmas Greetings From Guantanamo

Terrorist detainees will get 16,000 pieces of mail VIDEO: Military Celebrates Christ in Christmas

gcucullu December 21, 2006

Armitage, Powell Lack Moral Courage

They owe America an apology for Plame scandalNovak: Armitage's Leak | My Role in the Leak Story

gcucullu September 19, 2006

Is It Time to Expand the 'Axis of Evil'?

Ignoring reality only helps our enemies succeed

gcucullu September 7, 2006