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Frank Miniter has floated the Amazon, run with the bulls of Pamplona, hunted everything from bear in Russia to elk with the Apache to kudu in the Kalahari, and has fly-fished everywhere from Alaska’s Kenai to Scotland’s River Spey to Japan’s freestone streams. Along the way he was taught to box by Floyd Patterson, spelunked into Pompey’s Cave, climbed everywhere from New York’s Gunks to the Rockies, and is currently learning Kenkojuko Karate with Sensei Masakazu Takahashi. He graduated from the oldest private military academy in the U.S., a place that still teaches honor and old-school gentlemanly conduct, and believes men need this book because the U.S. has lost its code of honor as enumerated by its Founding Fathers. He is the author of The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to Hunting and has won numerous awards for outdoor and conservation writing. He was a Senior Editor at Outdoor Life magazine and, currently, is the Executive Editor of American Hunter magazine.

How a federal judge got it wrong on 'assault weapons'

The judge's ruling has everything to do with her background and politics.

Frank Miniter August 15, 2014

Are 'white men' to blame for mass shootings?

Finding easy answers to difficult questions about guns.

Frank Miniter April 2, 2013

2011 Declaration of Independence From Big Government

These top 10 Bill of Rights freedoms that government has usurped from Americans, or aims to, threaten our...

Frank Miniter July 3, 2011

2011 Declaration of Independence From Big Government

These top 10 Bill of Rights freedoms that government has usurped from Americans, or aims to, threaten our...

Frank Miniter July 3, 2011

Ben Franklin knew that the Ultimate Man must be strong in character as well as in mind and body. Franklin cultivated his character and became a wise and just man by adhering to 13 fundamental virtues. Do you know what they are?

Ben Franklin's 13 Rules for the Ultimate Man: 1. Temperance: Eat not to dullness; drink not to...

Frank Miniter June 19, 2009

The Ultimate Man knows the 10 cocktails every gentleman should know how to make. One of those drinks is the typhoon. Do you know how to make a typhoon?

How to make a Typhoon:Ingredients:  1 ounce gin, I ounce Anisette, 1 ounce lime juice,...

Frank Miniter June 18, 2009

The Ultimate Man loves going camping, and he always brings a survival knife with him. Do you know the 3 best survival knives?

Many think of the huge “Rambo-style” knives when survival knives come up; however such knives,...

Frank Miniter June 17, 2009

There are more than 40 species of spiders in North America that can bite and harm you. But only three are really dangerous. What are the 3 most dangerous spiders in North America?

1) Black Widow2) Brown Recluse3) Tarantula  To learn more, like how to identify poisonous spiders from...

Frank Miniter June 16, 2009

The Ultimate Man loves a great piece of jerky. And nothing tastes better to him than home-made jerky. Do you know how to make your own jerky?

Making deer jerky is easy and your wife or girlfriend will be left wonderfully perplexed with your sudden...

Frank Miniter June 15, 2009

The Ultimate Man loves a great game of Poker. Do you know how Poker's "dead man's hand??? (aces over 8's) earned its name?

Poker’s “dead man’s hand” (aces over 8’s) earned its name because they are the...

Frank Miniter June 12, 2009

The Ultimate Man will be the first to admit it: he's not perfect. And sometimes he makes one of the "six mistakes of man.??? Do you know what the "six mistakes of man??? are?

Wisdom is about more than truth and knowing what to do, it’s also about what not to do. According to...

Frank Miniter June 11, 2009

The Ultimate Man loves to watch baseball. Sometimes he refers to lefties as southpaws. Do you know why lefties are called "southpaws????

Lefties are thought to be called “southpaws” because their left arms point south during baseball...

Frank Miniter June 10, 2009

The Ultimate Man never says die. Yet, he eventually goes down in a blaze of glory. Ten men in history can lay claim to suffering the manliest deaths of all time. Who are those men?

10. Buffalo Bill Cody (1846-1917)9. The Unknown Soldier 8. Davy Crockett (1786-1836)7. Pheidippides (530-490...

Frank Miniter June 9, 2009

The Ultimate Man knows how to fight off an alligator. Do you?

When A. J., a reformed alligator poacher, was asked how he was able to wade at night in Louisiana’s...

Frank Miniter June 8, 2009