September 11th and Its Geopolitical Effects.

Global geopolitics, not the global War on Terror, must guide American foreign policy.

Francis P. Sempa September 12, 2021

Ron DeSantis, Whittaker Chambers, and the Continuing Crisis.

In the great conflict between communism and Western democratic civilization, only a return to our faith and...

Francis P. Sempa July 22, 2021

MSNBC Continues Its Meltdown Over Election Audits.

Chris Hayes calls for the jailing of those who continue to question the 2020 election results.

Francis P. Sempa June 22, 2021

The Arms Control Delusion Lives On.

The Biden administration believes that nuclear arms control is key to peace between nuclear states—more...

Francis P. Sempa June 17, 2021

Joe Scarborough, Maricopa County, and the Hubris of Cancel Culture.

The MSNBC host wants citizens who support a legal audit of election ballots to "love" America or "leave it."

Francis P. Sempa May 25, 2021

The Chinese Communist Party Parrots the American Left.

China is taking full advantage of the left's “generalized hatred of Western civilization."

Francis P. Sempa May 13, 2021

Needed: A Disciplined Foreign Policy.

The Biden administration is picking ad hoc diplomatic fights—and putting global stability at risk.

Francis P. Sempa May 3, 2021

After 40 Years, I Will Not Be Renewing My National Review Subscription.

Once a leading voice on the American right, National Review is now run by a nest of never-Trumpers.

Francis P. Sempa March 23, 2021

Why is Winston Churchill Part of the American Political Divide?

The "most honored and honorable man to walk the stage of human history" has been canceled.

Francis P. Sempa February 6, 2021

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